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Reccomend - Provident Crash Repairs


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Just had my GTR bonnet on my GTSt painted there, they did a great job, better than expected

Very well priced as well, turned it around in a few days, and colour has matched up very well (considering its a 10 year old car and each panel has faded slightly)

Anyone lokking to get some paint work done, I would highly reccomend them

Ph 8337 9325, they are located at Provident Ave, Glynde

Thanks to Maxx for putting me onto then

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well after a few days of looking at the paint in various light angles etc, I am very happy with the way its turned out


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Yeah, fits alot of bodykits, and does a good job from what I have seen

There was about 5 or 6 cars at Autosalon with nice kits on, that they had done

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their biggest customer recently, candy apple blue, full bodykit wide guard "drift" car

Why wasn't I told of them 2 months ago before my car was resprayed. :)

u have been told!!! :(

anyway how is the "new" paint?

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