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I Think My Motor Is F**ked

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hey guys,

i was jus drivin my R33 gts-t an gave it about 3/4 throttle in 4th gear an all of a sudden it didnt want 2 go an my exaust was blowing out more smoke then 4th of july.........i stoped an popped the bonnet an there was oil all over the top of my motor coming out of the intake pipe...yeah i got the pipe plugged up no BOV..... so i liet it kewl off 4 a minute an then started it again it started fine but soon as i touch the throttle it blows out S**T loads of smoke.....was only runnin on 10psi.....just want 2 get sum idea of wat u guys think im up 4....an wat sort off $$ its gonna b thanx.....

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thanx guys......

wat sort of $$ do u reakon ill b looking at 2 get it rebuilt.......????? an should i jus wait a while an get forgies chuked in while im at it..???

thanx help appreciated...

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Where abouts do you live? best to take it somewhere asap and get a leak down test and it will tell you if it is the ringland, if it is yeah your probably best to chuck forgies in as the price of them these days is really not to bad, I've got a great mechanic/engine buildre but he's at Katoomba

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um i was gonna try 2 drive it but soon as i gave it sum gas 2 get going it jus blew like so much smoke out i wasnt funny i figured i was best left off......

an i dont know if turbo is blown or not..im gonn pull it off in the mornin an c.....how can ya tell by lookin at it.......an i think it is my turbo cause the cooler is filled with oil......

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well if it is blowby coming from the PCV valve in the rocker cover then it would be going into the intake anyway (black pipe crossing the covers ontop of engine) ... so that can explain oil in the cooler too! take the pipe off the top of the engine and see if there is wet oil in there- a healthy engine shouldn't have heaps of oil in the pipe! if it runs out of that then it's ring lands if not then the turbo is gone!

or you can get a leak down tester from autoone or something and test it that way. it will have instructions with it!

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