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Extractors VS Cat Back

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I've been asking a lotta questions recently because I'm closer to getting my first liner. Gone through a french car, a big v8, a barina and to own my first turbz is a fun - so I'm thinking realistically of mods.

Everyone seems to have a cat back, or be selling a cat back, or buying a cat back.

My question is - Does this mean the standard extractors are that good, or is it just that a good set costs a helluva lot?

I'm wondering should I get the full length exhaust or if cat back is ok.

Thanks for all your responses guys this is definately a strong forum/club.

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Well on a turbo car the turbo will be bolting upto a different exhuast manifold that allows a turbo to be bolted on, so the exhuast pipe will start from the back of the turbo then will go to a dump pipe and further on, this is why people sell cat back exhausts because they will get a bigger dump pipe from the turbo and a high flow cat then the rest is just a cat back exhaust! What you can do is get a after market exhuast manifold which will flow better but they are big bucks.

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Ahh - I see.

Thanks for the explanation that makes perfect sense. So in theory if I'm chasing ..200-250kw and say a torquey skyline with not too many KW (I will be sticking with stock turbz for long time) then just get a more efficient dump pipe -=> high flow cat -=> cat back exhaust.

I get it - that's a great explanation and it's explained a great deal that I've been wondering about for a long time. Guess thats what happens when you own NA v8's and NA 1.3's hehe :D

Around what kw would you have to be making before the factory dump pipe became restrictive?

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