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exhaust question (muffler)


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Hey guys, i took the muffler off my car (33 GTR N1)

i was wondering is ther much point as to having a muffler if the car isnt drivin on the street. Because its really a track car.

Does the muffler help with backpressure ? im new to this turbo stuff and have read that the more flow the better, and the muffler only makes it sound piss week and i would consider that to be restrictive.

i have two 2.5" pipes from the turbos into a resonator with the 2.5" X 2 pipes into this huge twin muffler.

so yeah, is the muffler needed to help boost hit or anything else ?



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thanks mate.

I never thought of tracks that have a noise level restriction.

its not like its going to be louder than some of those v8's.

and i noticed it runs more boost too. its tuned to have 1.4bar but when i took it for a drive without the muffler it hit 1.49


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Usually most tracks will have noise restriction around 95db on a drive-by measurement from the side of the track.

For V8 or F1 championship it's a different case. To race without noise restriction requires higher level of CAMS/competition license. I can't remember which level.

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