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Left Overs From Half Cut R33

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- Complete Dash Series 1 (93-95) $400ono

- RB25DET Head - $450ono

- Power Steering Pump - $150

- Power Steering Rack - $280

- Brake Master Cylinder and Booster -

- Air Flow Meter + Air Box - $100ono

- RB20 Motor with ECU & Automatic (trans) -$120ono

- Front Complete Standard Suspension - $150ono

- Front Disc's & calipers suit Non Turbo 4 Stud - $200

If intrested contact me on 0402-387-797

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Jetdat - 100ono thats with the airflow meter

ArkHaeon - im not too sure about it so ill have to check it ot and get back to you on that one

Skyzerr33 - i can get the pics for ya, i just got to chase up a dig cam from a mate

Tikki169 - im asking $450ono the head is complete apart its just missing the angle sensor

2BNVS - im asking about $150 for the power steering pump, its in good condition

PT - the Disc's are from a R33 but from a Non Turbo so its a 4 Stud pattern, but there is pleanty of meat left over on em obviously they are second hand but still in good condition (i've just got the front two) Sorry guys about the late reply...

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I am after this box a/c box which goes behind the dash?

pic on link below!


Anut - no problem champ i've still got it so if you want it just let me know or give me a call on my mob etc.. cheers mate

Nizmokid - i've got the complete R33 dash and i want to sell it as complete so ye, other a/c stuff i've still got is the A/C pump

Scotsman - sorry champ no good man nothing at all man.....

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