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R33 Gtst Series 2 Front Bar (Vic)


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Just wondering on the off chance anyone had a series 2 front bar - with the orange indicators and white fog lights. Preferably Silver.

Been in an accident, I need to speak to my mechanic tomorrow to find out what other damage been done. He may be able to source the parts, and also waiting to know the full extent.



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the front bar is VERY expensive

i can give u the nissan part numbers from the fast software if you need

ps mines a series 2 silver and ive got a slight graze on the left side :)

hehehe. Dont expect too much sympathy, if you saw the condition mine was in, you'd feel a lot better.

I am just hoping that perhaps someone had put in a FMIC etc, and had their original bar left over.

Not too keen to change the look of my car just yet. I dont have money for extra engine mods, so can live with original looking car. Its totally stock at the moment.


If anyone has their original left over etc, if they want to mention it.

I need to speak with my mechanic first, but if there is one locally and reasonable, probably the best idea.


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