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on the weekend i spent $1600, not on my car though.

i bought myself a new 2004 Mapex Pro M drum kit Cherry Red Fade

i will hopefully be picking it up tomorrow after work so i will post pictures then

but for the time being, all you sau vic musicians out there, list what you play and post pictures if you can :)

maybe one day we can do an anthem for SAUVIC...for some reason...but yeah would be cool to jam with a few, if any, of you who play :mad:

so. heres my list

Darabuka (The land of goat sphincter rings/Egyptian) Percussion (also known in greek as a toumbaleki) - 5 years

Tupan/Dajoul/Daouli (maco/The land of goat sphincter rings/greek) Percussion - 4 years

Bongo's with sticks - 3 years

Drum kit - 2 years and still going :)

i will post pictures tomorrow

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i play the bass

its an Ibanez TR series, or the 4 string crushf**k as I like to call it...sadly tho she is down to 3 strings atm, but Im considering getting an electric guitar, maybe a BC Rich, a Washburn or an ESP

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well she is all set up :D




all mapel pro m sounds awesome, the kick is insane, the toms are great and the snare is pretty damn good for standared item

now to save up for some real cymbals

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Been teaching myself since yr 12 (2001) so that makes it 2 and a bit years. Just started playing with a Uni band (but we need a drummer! :) ) Got a Cort M500 (will post pics later) because i wanted a PRS but couldn't afford one, so i got the only model that makes a rip off of the PRS shape. Basically a non-turbo GTR kitted R33 :thumbsup:

Pretty much play John Mayer exclusively, cos i love acoustic style guitar and need a semi-acoustic if anyone wants to sell or knows someone who wants to sell.

Love any guitar playing which is interesting and fun to play, something different than power chords and 4 chord songs. Hence John Mayer and Dave Matthews, really fun stuff to play. But don't mind to venture down the heavy path either, Tool have some killer riffs, Deftones, Incubus has a kick ass guitarist.

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Keyboards/Piano and tenor saxophone. Haven't been playing for a while (too busy at work) but still jump on 'em to play every now and then.

Ever tried fitting two keyboards, PA system, mixer and a drum kit in a R33??? It's bloody hard! (But possible :cheers:)

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Played in High School & Uni Band with songs ranging from oldies (to entertain the conservative teachers) to Bon Jovi & Metallicas in Uni... Had a Prince electric but left it back home and I think been sold since I have migrated here...

Now I only have 2 acoustics instruments:

- Ibanez acoustic guitar

- Samick acoustic bass (Greg Bennett styled)

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awesome rianto

i like listening to older rock like stones and led zep, but very much enjoy queens of the stoneage, foo fighters (hooray grohl), uhhh...cant remember what else but yeah not really into the whole whinge rock like good charlotte and linkin park and other such songs about dad not accepting me and being a loser at school but look at me now i have enough cash to buy a couple of thousand cdr's to make some albums and sign a contract so i could be manufactured as much as britney spears....i also dont like avril lav...however you spell it

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Ever tried fitting two keyboards, PA system, mixer and a drum kit in a R33??? It's bloody hard! (But possible :thumbsup:)

How about two two turntables, two CDJ cd turntables, a DJ mixer, keyboard stand for turntables, 800W amp, 2 x 1m tall PA speakers, speaker stands, 2 gobo lights, light stand, assorted leads, records and CDs into an R32 GTR?

oh, and driver.

...if it don't fit, force it :D

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ok so guys, when i get home im going to record my drumming, nothing too long or fancy, and only using a crappy microphone for playing games, but still. it will only be a 4/4 type beat. i'll upload it to my webspace and you guys can dl it, and play some strings (or cnblow you could also do a variation of my beat and add fills etc).

then when you do your samples whatever im going to be using cool edit 2k to put everthing together, editing like crazy, and making the 1st ever SAUVIC & SAU song.

so, whose in? send me a pm and of what you are going to play

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