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Blitz Access ECU + any tuners?

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Hi Everyone,

I have a Blitz Access ECU in my car (was in it when I got the car), I am wondering what people can tell me about these things.

So far I have read it is a direct replacement ECU that comes "pre-mapped" to enhance the factory maps, it also has boost and speed cut. You just unplug the standard 1JZ ecu and plug this one in... that is it.

Does anyone know if these things are in any way tunable?, if they auto correct to any upgrades (eg exhaust, boost increase etc).

Also if so does anyone know any tuners for these?

Any help you could give me would be fantastic!, In the future I will be replacing it with a Power FC, but that is in the mid term plan and not something I really want to do now until I start upgrading (eg high-flow the turbo's etc)

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the ecu u have is basically a stock ecu which has a programmable chip in it which can be modified by removing the chip. i think this is called a eprom or somethin like this and is most well known in things like the Mines ECUs for skylines...

So basically IT can be tuned if u find out what type of draughterboard it is, and then u have to find someone with the hardware to do it. I dont rate your chances, as these Blitz and Mines type ecus are made to be tuned by them and them only.

Good luck mate. Id say sell it, u might get 500 for it, then get a powerfc.

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Yep , ebay time :P

With the PowerFC I have to get a special A.P Engineering version that is modified by them to fit my car.. it is a bit more expensive but that is where greenline.jp come into play :), they totally rock price wise and service wise.

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If it is like the Mines ECU, from what I gather the only reason they are un-remappable is because the eprom is stuck in place with a big arsed wad of epoxy or something, and therefore cannot be removed to be put in a chip-burner.

Open it up, and if you see a lump of glue or rubber stuff, then bad luck.

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Car is going awesome Dean, i'm getting it put on the dyno next weekend to see what power it pulls with the blitz ECU.

I have been driving the GA70 mostly but about to get that ready to advertise and sell as we speak.

The new car has a dent in the bonnet where some tool head jumped on it in town, prob need to buy a new bonnet I think :cheers:.... was like that when I got it.

Other than that I am now just making a list of what I want to do to it :)

already some parts on the way from greenline hehe.

I am keen to get a new dump pipe fabricated, based on Martin's old Soarer one he got made.... but no idea who can do it for a reasonable price.

Sigh the modding bug is back lol

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