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Stock R33 Air Filter, Exhaust, Series 1 spoiler...For sale

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Here i have a Stock R33 air filter that i had to buy for my blue slip and now do not need it. Also i have the stock exhaust system and series one wing that was off an R33 GTS4 or exactly the same as a GTS-T. Also if you like to take it away from me is a damaged Condenser which if it isnt take off me, ill throw it out . Just thought id put it in incase someone knows how to fix them.

Id like to sell all the parts together if possible so it is out of my way.

For all these parts, id like around the $400 mark, but that is negotiable of course as i wouldnt have a clue what the other parts are worth such as the exhaust and spoiler for instance. Just remember the stock air filter is very hard to come by and are costly and are needed in NSW to get your registration passed as mechanics wont pass you with an aftermarket air filter.

Anyhow, here are some pics...





Just either PM me or reply here or call me on 0421830772. Preferably someone from Sydney can come to pick up.



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