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Thinking about Joining SAUWA?

Here is some info on the club :D If you would like any further information please PM any of the committee Dan_the_man, GTS-t VSPEC, RDIRTY3, Ossie21, MR KEETS.

What is SAUWA?

SAUWA = Skylines Australia WA. It is a club for import enthusiasts with the main focus being on Skylines and other high performance nissan imports.

The prime objectives of the club are to promote friendship and courtesy on the road, and the responsible ownership of Japanese Import Vehicles. We expect to foster and facilitate a broad range of motorsport interests within the club, including legal drag racing, Motorkhana and other motorsport events, Driver Training initiatives, social functions, and other similar events...

How is the club (SAUWA) different from the forums?

The Club was formed by a group of like minded forum users. It uses the WA Members' area as one of the ways for members to communicate.

The forums and the club are entirely seperate entities.

How do I become a member of SAUWA?

Easy! Click on the below link. After you fill in the form the payment details will be sent to you.


What do I get in my membership pack

- SAUWA member card

- SAUWA logo side decal sticker

What does being a member entitle me to?

SAUWA regularly organises members only events such as driver training days, social events as well as the opportunity to have your car in AutoSalon, drag combat and other similar events.

SAUWA also regulary organises cruises for all members and forum users.

As a member the following SAUWA Sponsors provide you with member discounts, please contact the Sponsor in question as to what specials they can provide, as they are always changing. Please also check the

SAUWA Sponsor - For Sale Section for the latest deals

A membership card is issued to all paying members. This membership card must be presented to receive the discounts


WA Suspension

WA Suspensions are glad to be involved with and support SAUWA

WA Suspensions are very well known throughout WA as the states leading suspension workshop. WA Suspensions are able to supply and/or fit a worldwide range of suspension parts and/or suspension systems. They take care to meet both your expectations and value for money.

WA Suspensions have proven experience with Skylines having set-up for motorsport two R33 GTSt's which were placed 1st and 2nd in the MC Motorsport Autotest Series for season 2007.

WA Suspensions expertise merges when wheel alignments are set to street or motorsport performance with precise workmanship and equipment.

Of course WA Suspensions provide Club Discount and Support. Your enquiry is always welcome.

Contact Details:

Please contact Brad, (R DIRTY 3).

28 Colray Ave, Osborne Park, WA 6017

Phone: 9444 0500

Fax: 9444 0588

Email: [email protected]


Tenagah Motorsports

Tenagah Motorsports is commited to quality customer service in providing automotive services catering for all levels of work required on most cars, from basic log book servicing to preparing motorsport competition vehicles. We cater for everyone including those with new or old standard cars to high performance modified cars. We offer friendly and honest advise and will always do our best to assist our customers with their motoring needs.

Everyone at Tenagah Motorsports are actively involved and compete in some form of motorsport events from club level to state level competition, drag racing and drifting events. We pride ourselves with being involved and supporting motorsports in WA, we offer advise based on personal experience from the track, not just from magazine articles or glossy brochures!

We have a large selection of products available and the range is always expanding.

  • Big, fully equiped workshop
  • New fully enclosed air-conditioned showroom & lounge area
  • Dyno Dynamics 4WD dyno, full tuning services
  • Engine building room
  • Custom fabrication services
  • 3 incoming phone lines
  • Fully qualified mechanics (ALL our mechanics are "Licensed Motor Vehicle Technicians 2008")

Contact Details:

Abdus Hazal

43 Lancaster Road,Wangara WA 6065

Ph: 08 9408 0600

Mob: 0433213106

Email: [email protected]


Autoworx awlogomed.jpg

Autoworx is a Quality Assured, Licensed Motor Vehicle Dealer specialising in Japanese imported vehicles. We are accredited by the federal government to be a Registered Automotive Workshop (RAW)

Autoworx also have a large range of new parts for Jap Imports, so click on the webiste to find out more.

Contact Details:

Phone: (08) 9409 2445

Fax: (08) 9409 2446

Address: 30 Baretta Rd, WANGARA W.A.

Email: [email protected]


JAP Parts Plus WA

We offer an extensive range of quality performance parts and accessories covering the majority of requirements any owner of a performance import could ever need.

We have committed ourselves to ensure we stock quality products that cater to the tastes of any performance parts enthusiasts, with high quality and specialty products that will change your Performance Import for the better.

It couldn’t be simpler when shopping with JAP PARTS PLUS WA. Just find the product you are looking for, place the order and our team will pack and send it to your door.

Our suppliers are personally selected for their quality, service, reliability and affordability.

JAP PARTS PLUS WA management personally visit the manufacturing, warehousing and distributors of Performance parts in Asia to see first hand how the products are manufactured against our quality expectations.

We only list parts that are physically in stock. If you are looking for something not listed in our extensive range, just remember "it could be just days away".

Contact our office with your enquiry and we will endeavor to find any part you need.

Contact Details:

Phone (08) 9493 2191

Email [email protected]


Blacksun Imports

One of the newest vehicle importers to hit the scene have decided to sponsor SAUWA. Please

call them if your chasing any type of import from Japan.


Similar service to other importers except we actually have one of our staff in Japan.

Can also arrange for performance parts - fitted after compliance.

Can arrange competitive compliance on all models including delivery to your front door.

SAU special:

30% off our service fee $770



Contact Details:

Nigel Bull 0411600883

Mark Bills Oliver 0407722701



For those of you in or around Bunbury, SAUWA are excited to have Bart (Dsturbd) come on board as our latest sponsor.

With over 15yrs experience in the brake n clutch industry, and access to plenty of 2nd-hand parts, he's definately worth contacting.


- Brake n clutch repairs

- General servicing .. Imports n Aus

- Parts sales .. DBA rotors , exedy n extreme clutchs , brake pads

- Machining .. rotors ,drums , flywheels

- Engine conversions

- Brake upgrades

- Manual conversions


to suit 31,32,33 , silvias n 180s

- Panels

- Engines

- Gearboxs

- Suspension

- Rims

Contact Details:

South West Brakes / SWB Performance

16 b Stuart st

Bunbury 6230

08 9721 8588

[email protected]

In Tune Performance

In Tune Performance is home to Perth’s newest turbo tuning specialist with over 10 years of industry experience.

They offer 2WD and 4WD Dyno Tuning, and sell both Haltech and Motec ECUs.




Contact Details:

Aaron Gregory

Ph: 9434 6608

3/28 Salpietro St Bibra Lake, 6163



  • Hyperdrive Motorsport - Various discounts apply Unit 1, 28 VALE Street, Malaga 6090 Ph(08) 9209 3100


  • Import Scene - show-car styling and performance products. 10% Discount.


  • Motoquipe Carousel Shopping Centre - Auto accessories. At least 10% Discount



EmbroidMe Canning Vale

Embroidery, Screen Printing &

Promotional Products


16/3 South Street

Canning Vale, WA 6155

Map it

P: (08) 9256 3500

F: (08) 9256 3155

E: [email protected]

W: www.canningvale.embroidme.com.au

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