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LIGHTFORCE 240 H.I.D driving lights

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hey guy's an gal's

i have a pair of lightforce 240 hid driving lights......brand new neva bin used still in boxes... bin told they are the best you can possibly get and are worth over $1200 each minimum.....i want 2 get rif o these and am asking $1300 for the pair....THEY HAVE NEVER BEEN USED......only defect is they have got test unit 3 & 4 lightly engraved on the back of them....as they were given 2 me as a sponser item but werent used as i already have a pair........they are HID Xenon gas discharge

direct quote from lightforce "they are the WORLD's strongest , lightest most powerfull driving light" if u want photo's PM me ur e-mail an i will send them


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