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MZ20 Soarer as a Drifter?


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What do you guys think of an MZ20 Soarer (with the 7M-GTE) as a drift car for starting out?....

Considering I'm still young, I think it would be a good idea to sell the GTR and get something a lil cheaper that i can throw around at events without having to worry too much about my wallet exploding in pain if something goes wrong (as apposed to a GTR)

This would also give me a good chance to get on top of debt (clear it all out) and save for a unit etc....

I was thinking about this all yesterday, I like the look of the MZ20 and it's cheap and simple but is it suitable to use as a drift car?..... I won't be drifting it 24/7 and I realise that ANY car can be drifted when set-up proberly but i think you get the idea of what I'm asking....




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My friend owns a 7M-GTE MZ20 soarer, it's a great looking machine.

The one draw back about the MZ, is that it's an Auto, you'd be very hard pressed to find a manual unless you were going to do a conversion.

On the plus side, it's exactly the same chassis as the MA70 Supra (mark 3) but it's a little lighter. and it's very well balanced.

As a drifter it can be done, but as you said it has to be setup correctly.

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Thanks Endorean, yeah, I'd be sitting back patiently till a manual came along....

As long as the car is classed as something that could be used for drift I'd consider but if people had good reason to say definately not then I'd consider a cefiro etc....

How would you compare a soarer to a cefiro?....

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Yoy'r gonna need an aweful lot of patience if you'r waiting for a manual soarer.

a cheaper (and safer) car to drift than a GTR how about the SX series or an R32 GTST or the Ceffie

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