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Anyone else been spammed by Head Torque Engineering?


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It's not often you see something like this in your inbox, a local perth company resorting to spamming locals in the attempt to drum up more business./

Just wondering if I was the only unlucky shmuck to have been spammed by:


Unit 4, 28 Sundercombe St Osborne Park 6017 (08) 9244 7717

I got two emails, one with huge attachments etc.

If there's one thing I hate, it's spam, and I've reported quite a few WA companies for it in the past.

Anyone else?

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MarkR33...there certainly is... or VERY soon will be, the gov has been tryin to put it through for ages and as far as my knowledge goes now most spam is illegal or VERY soon to be....

guys keep in mind entry forms at PAS and things like that ask for e-mail adresses.. also Works Auto used to send me e-mails but i said they could .... perhaps an auto company that you have said you wouldn't mind newsletters from have "shared" e-mail lists

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