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Twin turbo boost up question?

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Ok guys, i have a question for the turbo nuts on here. I am setting up our rb20 with a twin turbo setup, exactly the same as the gtr setup(3 cylinders per turbo), i want to run lets say 14psi at manifold pressure, does this then mean, that

1. The turbos are actually running at 7psi each to make the 14 psi at the manifold?


2. The two turbos are both running at 14psi, but flowing a faster volumeof air due to there being two turbos?

Basically i want to run 14psi from each turbo. Does this mean that i will be running 28psi at the mainfold, or wil the turbos be running at 7psi each to make the 14psi at the manifold? Im thinking that if i set both turbos to run at 14psi, i will be getting 14psi at the manifold?

I hope you guys understand what im getting at? The gtr boys may be able to help me out here?

Thanks for your help guys!

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