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Can someone tell me what this hose connects to from the intercooler pipe in the pic below??

As my new intercooler pipe doesnt have a small pipe to put the hose onto

Is it important?

my cars an r34 - that pic is from an r33




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it connects from the outlet side of the stock cooler to the throttle body / plenum

air pipe -> afm -> turbo charger -> piping -> cooler -> piping -> throttle body -> plenum

xxxxxxx -> xxx -> xxxxxxxxxxxx -> xxxxxxx -> xxxxxx -> pipe in red is here -> xxxxxxx -> xxxxxxx

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Are you referring to the pipe that has the "Air Inlet" or "Vacuum hose"?

I thought you mean the larger "Air Inlet" hose

If Air Inlet: it goes the throttle body / inlet plenum

If Vacuum Host: it looks like it goes the boost controller, will get a pic of mine tongiht from rb25det

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no problems. on my rb25det there is a small tube running to the intercooler piping which goes to the throttle body. the small tube you are talking about goes the the factory boost solenoid. Im not sure how and why its such a small tube and yet it manages to control boost to 7psi (lacking knowledge of air pressure stuff) but thats where it goes

will try nad get a pic tonight or tomorrow

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are you using a boost controller?

if not, you put a 6mm hose from that nipple directly to the wastegate. if you are using a BC its a little more complicated. and yes, you must have a pressure signal for the wastegate so you'll need to put one in your pipe. hybrid kit i bet isn't it?


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