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Welp, all done now...

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managed to find a 4 door 1993 GTS-T for $10k, took it out to Ed to check over after seeing the recomendations about him here, and all passed with just some power steering leek issues.

Looking forward once the changeover is done to meeting up for track/drag-days and putting her through her paces.

Now on the agenda is finding a decent bodykit, since veilside don't seem to make one for the 4 door.

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Wow, that's nice and clean, congrats mate.

Welcome to the forums also.

Look forward to meeting you, seeing the car about.

Look at the Impul kit for the 4-door. It's a really clean simple kit, and it also has a piece that goes around the rear lights, sets them off nicely.

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Nothing really done to it atm, cd stacker, braided break lines (might need replacing for rego), 3" exhaust (same), jap coilover shocks, dark tint (same, but has papers for the work that it complies as was done in aus to replace way dark original tint) but other than that is stock standard from what I or Ed could tell.

Major things that I can tell are it has had a slight bingle in front passenger side of skirt but just a little scratched and paint damage to it and it's an auto, so will have to find somewhere that can do a conversion at some point in the future.

As for why it was so cheap, I can only go on the guys words that he just had no more use for it any more and it was sitting round doing nothing. From what we could tell on the check it's all fine, engine running almost perfect at 97% efficiency and good CO2, CO and O2 from the pipe with no oil burning so no real mechanical issues, and REVS comes up clean too based on the VIN on it, also has both the blue original plate and the green compliance plate with no weld marks round them, no tar on the underbody to indicate crash repairs.....I'm taking it as just managing to snag a bargain for the body shape I actually want and not looking a gift in the mouth :)

Aurora, thanks for the advice, will look into it but was going to go for something non-simple, such as widebody and agressive front/rear style, hence looking to Veilside first....might also look to J-Racing and New-Gel to make something custom if I can't find anything else that takes my fancy.

Look forward to meeting up a few people too, I have lots to learn again now as to ECU's, turbo upgrades, etc as well as the handling and driving...haven';t driven a RWD in about 15 years :cheers:

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Don't do a manual conversion. There was a great article a few HPIs ago that explained everything you need to do to an Auto box to make it killer, and it's cheaper than a manual conversion in alot of cases.

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Mainly looking at an manual over an auto not for perforance reasons but I just like manual's as they make it seem like doing more than sitting back and being on autopilot (though I do like to be able to set a gear instead of hearing the auto try to decide which gear it wants to be in and getting confused)......might change my mind over time though when I get back to using it, since I haven't driven an auto in the same time as a RWD

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