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R33 4 Door Bodykits + Manual Conversion

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Heya all

Anyone able to suggest places in Canberra or around Sydney that can supply bodykits for 4 door R33, as the quick look I had and phone calls to Bodyform today indicate that the 2 door and 4 door have different mount points for all components except the front bar, and my choice of Veilside kit appears to be not possible.

Also am after somewhere reputable that can do an auto->manual conversion.

Thanks in advance.

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We sold a R33 BN Kit to a customer of our who is modifying it to fit a 4 door 33

Keep in contact and i will get some pics for you when it is finished and possibly put you in contact with him and IF you like the kit possibly supply you with one too hehe.

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Will do i'll post pics up when he is done

Just a note as well its going to be candy apple red.

So modified BN Sports (full drift style) kit and candy apple red


Should be done soon, i'll give him a call and see if i can get pics possibly next week

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Thats a Impule R33R kit I believe, I was going to get one from JSpec (who said copies were made of the original kit he got for Danny) - but dont waste your time, I've been trying for several months and got nowhere.

I have recently ordered some side skirts and rear bars from OS, as shown in the attachment below. Unfortunatly there dosent seem to be mucch choice with 4 doors (if you dont want a standard looking set of skirts)

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I believe carmate.com.au have some kits for R33 as well as R34 sedans, dont know how good they are though. BTW does anyone know if the R34 front bumpers or any other bodykit parts will fit a R33 SII sedan? Because they look fairly similar except the headlights. Although i have never seen an R34 sedan in the flesh.

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