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R32/33 gearbox into R31


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What do you mean by "newer skylines" ?

And i assume what you were asking is do the older skyline gearboxes fit into the "newer" skylines? (whichever they may be)

You'll need to be more specific

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R32 should bolt straight up ..

unfortunately they don't.

The bell housing on the R31 is the wrong shape, and some "creative hammerwork" is required to make it fit. :D

But you can make it fit. :D

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I thing you quoted the wrong bit K.

R32 box is exacly the same on the out side to the R31 one.Some later models have extra ribbing but wont foul on the trans tunnel.

R33 box is of course bigger and may need trans tunnel beating depending on how good you are installing it.Use the standard R31 manual gearbox x-member and weld on some flat bar coz it will sit futher back on the RB25 det box.

Since R32's have cable speedos undo the R32 speed sender and screw in a manual R31 speed sender easy.

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