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FS: Roland MC-505 sequencer and Yamaha DJX keyboard (NSW)


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Hey all,

I have two pieces of music equipment for sale. They would suit a budding producer and both items are in mint condition...

Item 1: Roland MC-505 "GrooveBox" music sequencer

These still sell for over $2,500, and I bought mine about 4 years ago for roughly $2,200. It has ALWAYS been kept under a dust cover, and has probably only received about 80-100 hours use over the whole time I've owned it.

Item 2: Yamaha DJX keyboard

I've had this for about 2 years, and paid about $800 for it. This too has ALWAYS been stored under a dustcover, and again has had hardly any use over the time I've owned it (maybe 50 hours at a guess, if that).

So, how much am I asking for them?

The MC-505 is going for $1,200, and the DJX for $500, and for those who wish to buy both together I'm asking for $1,500 even.

Will try and post pictures/photos tomorrow, please PM for more details.

Nick T.

Phone: 0414-38-55-95

email: [email protected]

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Dammit I am really interested, but I was looking at buying something like this later in the year. At the moment its just not feasible until I find another part time job.

If you still have it approaching the end of the year I would be very very very interested,.


it looks like you might be the lucky buyer, the way things are going at the moment... :P


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I am still very interested. I don't have much of a clue about production and have a beast of a computer with software, but no hardware. I'm currently asking some friends in the know about the deal and getting some advice.

I think I would definitely be interested in the keyboard, but I'm not so sure about needing the groove box.

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C'mon people,

just think - the money you give me in exchange for the keyboard, or sequencer, or both even, will be going towards the "Nick finally gets his a$$ into a Skyline/Stagea after all these years of talking about it" fund!

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