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Trust T67-25G Turbo

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I have a T67-25G turbo for sale, has a 8cm^2 exhaust housing, has just been checked out and had the wheels machined and balanced so all is ok and is ready to use, rated to 550hp and would be perfect for rb25 or rb20/sr20 due to the small exhasut housing, now $1100

will post pics tomorrow of it now, email [email protected] for more info, in adelaide but will ship at buyers expence

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As measure by Doughboy, copied from a thread on turbo chart in Performance section

Comp wheels same

Exhaust wheels

TD06: Minor 56mm, Major 65mm, Trim 74

T67: Minor 54mm, Major 62mm, Trim 76

so they are a very simailar turbo with a exhaust wheel that flows al little more so it should make a little more power, but the smaller exhaust hosuing may reduce the power a little although reducing the lag as well, so it should do 330rwkw in my opinion looking at other peoples results

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