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+++++rb20det 5 Speed Manual+++++

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5 Speed manual gearbox, out of a r32 GTSt.

Approx 100,000 kms when removed from car. Is in PERFECT condtion ie no grids, scrapes, or notchy gears.

Suit rb20, or for 5 spd. conversion. Holds up to approx. 250rwkw. Replaced due to large HP application.

Comes with (if you wish) : 2 piece tailshaft (std), centre bearing (as new), and cross member.


Pm me for ANY questions....

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Its only about a hundred dollars or so. If you like i can find out exactly how much, and let you know monday. Whatever it costs to send to you, knock half the cost off of the $450. So (if it was $100) - for $450 i'll send it to your door, ie i pay for half the transport cost. ($400 for box, + $50 for postage)

make any sense?

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no clutch, or slave, yes it has a shifter. I can organise the slave when i get the r33 one swapped over with the std r32 on thats in the car now. Should be ok to get the slave in about a week or so, but the rest is out of the car.

cool, i meant "clutch slave cylinder" not "clutch & slave". :)

Let us know how you go with the freight quote, thanks.

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