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DVD player japan....

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Maybe, but more then likely no, as far as region codes go Australia's in there with New Zealand and southern America.

Where as Japan is with Europe, Middle East and South Africa.

So really it all depends on how leniant they are over there.

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even if you do get past the region thing, there's the difference between japanese NTSC and the US spec NTSC and PAL that most aussie dvd players work on.

that said most of the Option DVD's I get from japan seem to work on my no-name chinese brand "plays everything including beer coasters" DVD player with no problems at all :D

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If its a decent player then u shouldnt have any problems with it playin aussie discs.....most of the dvd players that JB hifi sell com from eith japan or china....I know this cause im one of the poor bastards that has to fix em...and it doesnt help when ur tryin to order parts from there and they dont speak english...lol

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