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Changing R34 Op6 Turbo Seals?

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Hey guys, I have a R34 OP6 turbo which has been high flowed by GCG from previous owner.

Car is blowing light blue/white smoke and I suspect the turbo seals are out. Car still boosts fine, checked shaft play of the turbo and it's fine, compression tested the engine and it was fine, checked intercooler piping and there was a bit of oil in there.

So I was wondering am I able to buy the standard op6 turbo seals and change them? If so where can I get them from as I can't find any?

Any help will be appreciated thanks.

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The seals are just stainless steel Clips. they don't ware unless there is an abnormal amount of shaft movements. That is also indicating the bearings needs replacing. If it is one of their Xtreme BB using OEM bearing housing then only they can have it repaired, or it might be cheaper to re-highflow.

Alternatively if it is a T3x bush bearing center, depending on how bad the shaft and wheels are, you can simply replace the bearings and seals, we can supply the bearing kit at if required PM for details.

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Well then it's either the turbo or vavle stem seals. Any way to test the valve stem seals before I go rebuilding the turbo?

Why are you so sure it's nothing else causing it?
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I had a similar issue years ago. Blowing blue smoke, especially after a period off the throttle (under deceleration). Because the engine compression tested fine, I assumed it was the turbo and got it rebuilt.

It didn't fix the problem. After I got the engine pulled apart it turned out to be 3 cracked pistons. [emoji20]

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I have taken the intercooler and piping out and it had lots of oil in it. Gave it a clean, fitted an oil catch can to the car venting to atmo so no more oily fumes can get in there.

Compression test showed up fine (160-165psi) so I thought I could rule out the head gasket.

The engine has had a rebuild from previous owners. Not exactly sure what was done as I've lost the receipts 1st week of owning the car lol and knew nothing at the time about cars when reading the receipts, but surely a rb25 with over 200 000 km's with compression like that should be a good sign?

The car has been smoking for some time and use to only smoke on idle sometimes and a lot on boost. But now it just constantly smokes.

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Is smoke actually coming out of the exhaust?

Could be anything, the fact that you thought installing a catch can with just a filter on it not plumbed back just because there was some oil in the pipe, who knows how long its been building up, says that maybe your ability to diagnose is even with you being able to give a description of what the is it happening, when, and under what conditions.

Would love to help but your not making this easy or fun

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