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Radiator Cracked Nm 35 . Oil Pressure Gauge Useful?


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I have an upper cracked radiator for an NM 35 axis au tech 2002 model.

Just below fuel cap neck on the right hand side. Perhaps 7cm from neck

Replacement will cost $1100 with labor. is that a reasonable price .

What choices do I have with radiator.

Repair iis not an option I was told

I can't do this myself.

With no coolant touching the sensor the temperature gauge was reading near normal.

I thus thought the car was operating normally every time I glanced at the gauges.

I was thinking of buying an oil temperature

or oil pressure gauge so I can get better engine information .

Is that over kill.is there a preferred choice amongst you guys.

If I am going to get another gauge what other gauges might be an option.

Is the such an animal out there as an oil temperature pressure gauge.

Can't see any online. What's the best brand please?

What are your thoughts

What will my 2002 model allow me to do in terms of oil

gauge dashboard placement.

Hoping for a quick reply to sort out my options

Also where do you suggest this gauge goes ?

I don't want to rip out

my satnav DVD player nor the TV screen .

Would prefer to have near other gauges but assume because of cost

I will have to pay for it to be installed near the driverwindscreen Pillar.

If there's was no coolant how long could I drive for without doing some damage ,

assuming engine was cold.

Assuming car was warm

How do I know I already know I have not done damage .as far as I can tell

Engine is okay

Thanks in advance for any thoughts

This leak continued for at least two days of driving unnoticed

but I don't know where the level was during those two days or more

Do sensors have to be reset or air removed from system.

What happens if coolant is just added to a new radiator replacement.

How can I tell if the job has been done properly

apart from the fact that there would be no leaks

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Who told you that it was unrepairable - a mechanical workshop or a radiator repair shop? Find another radiator repair shop for an opinion. I have had new tops put on my radiator for a lot less than the price of a new radiator and I have also bought new OEM radiators which have been fine and not unduly expensive (around $300). If yours is original it is 14 years old. Personally I would buy a new stock radiator from a radiator speialist.

A radiator shop will replace the anti freeze/conditioner and bleed the system.

Gauges are great but if they are going to cost you an arm and a leg just check your water and oil levels once a week.

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Top tank not repairable as was told made of plastic.

I assume true...is it true... according to midas muffler.

Top tank is not repairable but can be replaced. Would you take your computer to a carpenter? Go to a radiator specialist.

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A new top tank for an NM35 is worth as much as a new radiator; buy the one that Lakes101 and move on with your life.

It's larger, and better suited to our conditions than the undersized stocker; your car will thank you.

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I have fitted about 6 in the last few weeks, pretty common. Some brands require a fair bit of cutting so beware.

Alloy ones can have their own issues, probably due to the Chinese quality control. I prefer the plastic tank M35 specific ones these days.

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I used the radiator Scotty was just mentioning. Fitted it last weekend.

It's at least twice the thickness as the standard and didn't require any modifications at all.

Took maybe an. Hour to do the swap, not a hard job on the m35 at all. But bleeding the cooling system is another problem all together.

Definitely look into the "coolant bypass mod" on these forums.

I also just did this on the weekend along with a new thermostat.

Took very little time to bleed and the car now sits lower on the temperature gauge.

Edited by Bmx537
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Had no choice but to send to Midas, locally as Nissan Indooroopilly and Nissan Moorooka refused to accept my towed vehicle being a personal import !!!!!

I will remember that .

Definitely not happy with price gouging at midas but car not driveable thanks for the info so far

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Had no choice but to send to Midas, locally as Nissan Indooroopilly and Nissan Moorooka refused to accept my towed vehicle being a personal import !!!!!

I will remember that .

Definitely not happy with price gouging at midas but car not driveable thanks for the info so far

What do you mean you had no choice? I see there are many radiator repair shops in Brisbane such as


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V35 350gt G35 look to be similar but are 26mm rather than 16mm

I found that to be the case with C34s.After fitting an FMIC and FFP, I somehow fitted a 26mm plastic rad instead of the 32mm. My fault it was early days with the Stags and never noticed it. I had overheating problems. The stock water temp gauge never went over halfway, but when coming up the mountain the oil temp gauge I fitted went up to 120/130.+.And it started to boil in the back of the plenum.

Once I fitted the 50mm alloy, no more boiling and oil temp always less than 100.

Had to do a bit of cutting but well worth it.

Edited by 66yostagea
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