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FS: R32 GT-R Aftermarket Parts (Perth)

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All parts have come off a 1992 R32 GT-R that was in an accident (all body panel damage), engine was still running fine after accident so all parts are good:

  • Sard 660cc Injectors (x6): (SOLD)
  • Nismo Turbos (exhaust housing heat coated): Moved to seperate thread: (SOLD)
  • HKS Dump Pipes and Front Pipes (heat coated): (SOLD)
  • Z32 AFM's (done about 5000kms since new): (SOLD)
  • K&N Filters (recently cleaned, x2): (Keeping)
  • Filter Adaptors for Z32 AFM's: (SOLD)
  • Filter Adaptors for Std AFM's: (Keeping)
  • HKS Oil Cooler Kit w/Remote mount: (SOLD)
  • R32 GT-R Gearbox (includes transfer case: (SOLD)
  • HKS Twin-plate Clutch and Cro-mo Flywheel: (SOLD)
  • Catch Can (modded for GT-R, 2 inlet, 1 outlet) + hoses: (SOLD)
  • Apex'i PowerFC, Commander and Boost Controller: $1300 (SOLD)
  • Tomei Cat-back Exhaust (nice and quiet): (SOLD)
  • Whiteline Bilstein Shock and Spring package (for R32 GT-R, shocks 1000kms, springs 5000kms): (SOLD)
  • Whiteline Sway Bars (front and rear): (SOLD)
  • Nissan Factory Strut Bar (reco'd): (SOLD)
  • 320km/h Speedo: (SOLD)
  • R32 Skyline Mat Set (5 mats in total, need steam clean): (SOLD)


Turbos use a 14411-06U00 Nismo T04B/T25 core with 0.60 A/R Compressor and 0.64 Turbine housings (as per Nismo RS581 Turbos). According to Zoom and HPI magazines they should be able to support up to 590-600ps. At 1.0bar of boost power was much greater than stock and at 1.2bar, performance was great.


The PowerFC unit currently has a good tune in it (by SST in Perth) and is very suited to an aftermarket turbo setup for low-mounts. This unit was tuned to 1.2bar and made 353rwhp before the exhaust became a big restriction. Other mods on the engine (and setup in the PowerFC) were Z32 AFM's, 660cc injectors, engine rebuilt with Forged Pistons and N1 Oil Pump, Standard cams (list above also give an idea).

Shipping no longer included on remaining items (turbo and gearbox). Payment can be made by cash if you're in Perth or by EFT if you're over east (or in Bulgaria).

For more info, you can call me directly on 0412 141 201 (prefer not to chat via SMS) and remember I'm in Perth which is 2hrs behind eastern states to be aware of time you call (up to 8PM WST or 10PM EST). Alternatively email/PM me through SAU.



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The clutch I believe was rebuilt (but can't be 100%) before it went back into the engine about 8,000kms ago. I wouldn't think it needs a rebuild. It will be out tomorrow so I can confirm what condition and amount of meat left on the plates then. Also not sure of HP rating, but would think it would be in the vicinity of 600ps or so. Very nice clutch, not too aggressive, but like all twins you can't really ride it. I have only launched once on the clutch hard, rest has just been daily driving with less than 250rwhp. Lightweight flywheel really gives a nice crisp response on revving, and be aware that twin-plates do rattle when disengaged (love that sound). Daily driving is no biggy, just need to get used to it and use more revs than you would with a standard clutch - and it's not heavy at all. My wife got used to driving it around in about a week, but she was used to driving around a single plate RG clutch with 2200lb pressure plate before that!

Hope that answers your questions.

(PS> Email sent too)

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OK, all parts are out of car now and ready for shipping. In regards to the clutch, the mechanic at my workshop checked it out and it's in good condition with about 60-65% meat left on the plates. There's no hotspots on the flywheel and it's definitely a lightweight one.

I can now quote the details of the turbos etc:

Core Plate:

VJ 02580




.64 696-2 T695


.60 M24

Also revised the price on the Apexi package.



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Someone asked for pricing to ship the turbos to the USA (CA), quote on shipping to San Diego, CA:

Shipping: USD$255.00 (approx 5-6 days by air, surface no longer available)

Turbos: USD$1470.00

Total: USD$1725.00

Note that this will not include any import duties or taxes on the US side of the process. Dollar conversions done at 1.00PM West Australian time on 30-JUL-2004 through xe.com.



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