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Custom Billet Badge's - Unique To Your Car

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Hi Guys,

I wanted to share this thread on here even though the badges in the images are Holden and Ford, we are currently manufacturing some others and hopefully get some pics up for you.

Working with 5 axis CNC Mill full 3d type badges or many things

Below are 2 images of some recent ones

Ford badge the customer wanted the parallel tool path lines across the bottom face, then we had the trace tool path around the inside edge to give it a diamond swirl look when polished. Outer edge smooth finish.


Second badge is for a friend's Green VL Commodore LS1 Burnout car - entered in the 2016 Summernats - Car name GUNJA - will also be at UBC Ballarat this weekend. In this image we have shown the same as first - 3D drawing to cutting then complete product, we cut 2 - 1 for each side of the vehicle and have shown before polish mill finished and semi polish - just waiting for more cut compound to arrive.


Anything you can think of with a badge we can pretty much incorporate into the design. Limited by imagination

Custom badges for tuned specific vehicles - Cutting this badge next and will post the detail of the Turbo when completed


We have another badge that is almost complete on the design - but I cant post it on here yet, the idea is Holden Ring with Lion Head only, Blown V8, Vehicle Name - for a Meth Blown Burnout Car, summernats entrant this year, it looks pretty amazing

Even fully polished or flat type resin filled - with full clear resin or even some candy color in resin to make the badge have depth and pop

Send us your idea's and we can fab something - once you are happy with the draft and approve for cut we can get it done reasonably fast. Obviously design and setup is the time consuming part but once the material is set cut time is usually quick for small jobs.

We are also cutting 3d designs into alloy rocker covers

If there is something you need manufactured in Billet,Plastic,Nylon,Brass,Alloy send us a message with the part needed and we will advise best alternative.

If you have the 3d drawing or 2d Cad drawing even better - if you only have a drawing on Paint or even a piece of paper with pencil dimensions we can CAD it then CAM it for you.

If any of you can assist with other forums that this can be posted on let me know - it would be much appreciated if you could share this link with friends and on forums for us, we can look after you with costing for those who help share this.

Tig Welding also in house

Cheers all

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Custom RB26 ornament badges too then, I'm guessing? If so I'm very interested! :)

Yeah we can do the RB26 ornament with any design you like, Backing will have 3m VHB high bond Double Sided Tape

if you PM your sketch, design, idea, image, text etc - I can put together some designs for you to look at,

Material Preference: Aluminium, Carbon Fibre etc

Finish Type: Machine, Flat, Polished or Painted in any color code provided.

Color Inlay: Whether you want resin color in certain area's - Color Choice


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  • 2 weeks later...

Small versions of the GTR boot badge to replace the GT badges that go on the guards would be good

Thanks for your input - I actually have the GTR Badge we are inlaying with different metal flakes in the lettering - with an embossed outer edge and resin filled. Will post some up when we get the chance.

As for the size thats not an issue at all - we can machine these to what ever size required - and the GT badges would look great changed to a smaller GT R type

Edited by tuning_vs_hardware
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Also interested in cost to make them up

We custom cut many items for customers ranging from anywhere from $60.00 and up for small badges would be at the lower end of the scale

Its hard to cost up an individual item to give you a cost as each item is different

Depending on the quantity and detail also has an impact in the cost

Just to give you an idea of the time spent and process

1. We draft the 3D Drawing or work with a drawing provided and turn it into a cut design

2. Material Size and Thickness

3. Work on tool path for cutting

4. We use anything from a 0.3mm to large cutting bits depending on detail needed

5. Some tool paths can be from 1 hours cutting to 30 hours cutting time

6. From memory the longest part we have done was 32 hours 28 minutes - with 11 operations and 7 tool changes

7. Setup of the material - running costs

8. Labor

9. Machining time and Distance - Tool wear

10. What finish the customer wants - Mill finish, Polished, Carbon Fibre with Polished Inserts etc

11. Packaging and Delivery

But just to run off a few of the processes we try to give the best price - its pretty amazing when you hear back from our customers when they received there own designed custom piece

Another example we cut some RB26 Ornaments with very low detail and they were about $69 each and another customer wanted some cut with pretty unique detail incorporated and they were roughly $125.00 each

If you send me what design or part you are looking at getting done - then I can work with you to design and provide the cost. Once the design is done it provides us with the time involved - we do not charge full setup costs as most of the work is in the designing - the design work is just a very small percentage of the total cost - just an example we are working on a job currently and the design was very involved with the file that the customer provided - to get the image to a 3D Cut drawing involved 18 hours of work and this would not be charged to the customer - so we try to work with you for cost

Hope this helps all - but we don't put exact cost for a certain piece on here - if you want custom pieces done send me your idea's - we will work with you and provide a cost in PM

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Hi Anthony, I am also currently working on this design when I seen Chris post - I brought up the drawing last night and worked on the sizing for the GTR Badge for the guards.

I am also currently in the process of full respray on my 33 and took these badges off 2 days ago.

I will get a sample cut and post and see what time it takes - I wouldn't see it being a long process - Im looking to Metal Flake and Resin Fill the Badge

Should look pretty cool - with the 375 Micron DNA Red Flakes in where the R is on the Badge with the rest fully polished

When the samples done and I choose to run some extra's I will let you guys know so we can just run off 6 or 10 in one go.

Depends on Time and Finish whether it be Mill, Polished or Resin filled and polished could be from $25 to $70 per pair

I am also looking to redesign the Boot Lock Flip Cap with some custom work incorporated

Edited by tuning_vs_hardware
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After drafting the 3D Badge in 2 sizes for the Guards and Boot - we have some finish options we are looking at with various metal flake - encapsulated in clear resin

After we have the samples I will post some pics

See below design work on some color options


Let me know if your interested

Edited by tuning_vs_hardware
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I'd love a copy of the stock badge, no glitter, but tiny!

^^what he said^^

We have some pieces coming off the Mill tonight and tomorrow I will load the sample for the small GTR Guard Badge - let me know the dimension currently the size I am going to work with is 54mm x 44mm after doing a quick measurement on the Stock 33 GT Badge

Cheers guys will keep you informed

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Small versions of the GTR boot badge to replace the GT badges that go on the guards would be good


I'd love a copy of the stock badge, no glitter, but tiny!

^^what he said^^

Hi All,

We had a sample cnc'd on the mill today - thought I would share the images of the mill finish

This badge dimension is designed to replace the Stock GT Badges on the front guards/fenders

I will also have the faces and contours polished to also provide you with the full polished finish.

Images only show as mill finish

And also no red inlay in the R - we will fill the R in Red after the polish.


These badges will also have VHB Double Sided Tape when completed

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GTR - Small Custom CNC'd Billet Guard Badges have been filled with DNA Blood Red Candy - Diamond Clear Over the top

below image is only a sample requested from some SAU members - also the white light reflection affects the full polish look - the finish is like chrome

If anyone would like black inlay on the very base part of the badge - where the GT and around the edge of the R on the very lower base part - we can also do this

Anyone interested send a PM and I will advise delivery details, costing, etc

  • 2 x Guard Badges
  • Fully Polished
  • Red Inlay
  • VHB Double Sided Tape



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Hi all,

Just wanted to update this thread with some recent work for Dahtone Racing in Sydney - currently working on some finish options for this piece after they received their mill finish sample.

After working very close on the design with the customer and seeing it come to life looks great

Custom RB26 Engine Ornament plate


Looks pretty unique on their RB26 engine



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Hi All,

Updating post with recent inquiries in PM with the GTR R35 Badges drawing has been completed and now ready for cutting

Custom Machined CNC Billet - R35 GTR Guard badges to replace R33 or R34 GT Style - or what ever size you require can make these with any dimension required


Anyone interested send a PM and will advise details


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