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HOT IMPORTS wanted to star TV commercial (Melbourne -AUS).

exit films

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HOT IMPORTS wanted to star TV commercial (Melbourne -AUS).


I’m currently casting for HOT CARS for a series of five 15” second television commercials for a car related product.

I’m looking for HOT IMPORTS and a modified V8 COMMODORE. In the commercial each car is put on show detailed like its being presented at an import car show. Rather than shooting standard factory models I want to showcase the hottest modified vehicles here on the Melbourne import scene.

There will be more glory than money for the featured cars but I thought that this forum would be a great way to network out to the scene.

We are looking at shooting shooting around the 25th July.

If you are interested send me through shots of your ride and contact details to [email protected]

Please direct phone inquiries to Alison Lockwood on 03 9674 4000.


Jolyon Watkins

(t) +613 9674 4000

(f) +613 9674 4044

Exit Films Pty. Ltd.



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Free bump to get the Monday morning prime time viewers. :D

Sounds like fun and there are plenty of cars that would meet your requirements. Mine unfortunately is built for go and not show. I call it the Picasso. Looks great from a distance, but is a bit messy up close so I'll decline the offer. I also lack the prerequisite monster body kit to be the archtypical Jap import showcar.

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I'm not holding my breath that my car will be running by then. Its hasn't been for the last 8 weeks so I don't see why things will suddenly change by this weekend. Although it would be nice!

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Oh my god...

this is the man who made the Addicted to bass video clip... wow. Check out his portfolio, he's pretty experienced in the car on film area.

This would be perfect exposure for the club and for you're cars, so get off ya lazy arses and get on the commercials!

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I want to thank you for sending in your shots.

There are some wicked beasts out there- I recieved more Skylines than any other make- A credit to the strength of this forum.

I haven't had a chance to get back to you all yet. We have a pretty tedious approval process between ourselves and the ad agency and the client.

If your're in the final mix of cars our people would have contacted you on friday (23rd).

I'm shooting this week (28-29 July).

4 out of the 5 commercials are for Japanese cars- one is for an aussie V8.

The V8 script is a streetfight standoff between a gang of skyline owners and 1 aussie V8. The single shot will be identical to this shot in the movie Blade. The V8 will be Blade - the skylines / owners creeping into the edge of the shot like the other vampires.

I'm out of money - to pay for these roles- but if you want to bring along your ride (as long as its not white- hard to photograph) and have a bit of fun - write me back on [email protected]

It'll be for about 4-5 hours after hours on either wednesday or Thursday night.

Cheers Jolyon

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maybe one of these days we'll get a bit of footage made up and get you to direct :)

Are the ad's you're shooting for Australian airing or for overseas?

I like the blade idea... have to ask tho, at the end do the Skylines beat up the V8? lol or is it going to play out like Blade where the skylines get their hides whooped by the V8? Either way... it should be fun.

Good luck!

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