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Spark Plugs R34 Gtr


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Hi everyone

About to replace spark plugs on R34 GTR.

Car is pretty much stock so was just looking to replace with the stock plugs (I.e. NGK PFR6A-11) but also came across Bosch (8153-6).

Anyone here ever run the Bosch 8153-6 plugs as they are about half the cost of the NGK's?


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If they are listed as a direct replacement then they will be fine. Should be a reference chart on the web somewhere that will tell you.

Yep, try this one:


Says Bosch equivalent is FR8DCX

See line 1257

Strange it comes up with FR8DCX. This was the Bosch catalogue page at Supercheap Auto. post-91000-14605255392572_thumb.jpgpost-91000-14605255571854_thumb.jpg

The package for 8153-6 also shows FR6KPP33X+

Not interested in going copper plugs but thanks.

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For me it's coppers every time.

I bought mine from here, about $3.00 a shot. Add some filters to the order to reach $50 and it's free delivery.


But whatever plug you choose, check the protrusion from the head. Give the spring in the coil pack a bit of a tug to make sure it contacts the conductor.

ISO dimension plugs are a bit shorter than "normal".

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Hmmm sounds like the coppers are the way to go. Maybe I'll be a convert. Just out of interest, should I just stick with the stock plug gap of 1.1 and heat range of 6? Car is fairly stock with cat back, boost restrictor removed (running 1 bar) and arc induction box.

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I was using 7's but fouled a set after only a few k. Probably due to letting the car idle too long with the ac on during the summer. I've recently been running 6's and changing to 7's when tracking. I'll go back to 7's and see what happens. CBF changing plugs all the time.

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