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F.S CHEAP R32 GTST (4 parts only)

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hey guys,

My mate bought an r32 a while ago from an interstate auction and, after he had ti fixed and repainted etc, it turned out that it was a stat right off :P so he kinda got jacked.

anyway due to the fact that he cant register it, might as well sell it, as its just been sittn in his driveway

its a r32 gtst

custom paitnjob (thats no use though :P)

clean interior

rb20det (not sure bout kms, but could check if any1 is interested)

thats bout it i guess, its pretty much stock except 4 the paint job, from memory i think the front bar is slightly damaged as my mate hit a dog back :(

well anyway if any1 has an r3s which is badly damaged or wants one for parts let me no.


anyone interested please me me an offer


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