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13 hours ago, Tobz said:

Do you happen to know the resistances for full and empty?


It will vary sensor to sensor. For accuracy you need to measure it yourself, and then work out what size resistor you need to convert it from a resistance signal to a 0-5V signal that the dash can use. It's all easy to do and there are lots of how-to's on the Google.

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  • 5 months later...
10 hours ago, Figjam Jimmus said:

🤫🤭🤪 lol yep... any news on this build?

Haha nah, been battling with shit real estate agents. Bought a place, told land registration would be done in "a couple of weeks". It's been a couple of months instead!


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  • 1 month later...

Tis true, we have bought a house. I finally have a shed to play in. Only thing is I cant get the skyline in yet due to the slab being a bit high. Need to get some timbers down so I can drive in but she's happy in the garage for the time being 😂 

Not much has happened lately, I did order some new wheel nuts and traction rods from GKtech with hopes to get these 275s clearing. Got them installed on Saturday, havent driven her yet but will need to get my alignment touched up. Has a fair bit more clearance on the inside guard at the front where it was rubbing so fingers crossed they will be ok now.

Also ordered a fan and shroud for my oil cooler. Hopefully that will arrive this week and I can start putting it on and wiring the fan to the ecu. I will be moving my trans cooler to the passenger side and wiring that to the ecu as well for full control instead od 24/7 while ignition is on. 

Aiming to get it all done by the 27th so I can go to my first roll racing in over a year now...







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On 04/04/2020 at 6:59 AM, klutched said:

Finally got my catch can all finished today and made up all the lines I needed. Come up pretty good. Also 98% finished my fuse box relocation as well. Just need to join a couple wires and run power to the fuse box, tidy it up a bit and test it all. Going to make a cover for it as well if i can fit it just to keep rocks and stuff from flicking up and damaging anything. 

Thinking I might make up a custom coolant overflow tank and also a washer bottle for max street cred ? I'll get some measurements on monday and get it all cut up and folded ?




the kind of gts you pretend  not too see and turn left when your with your mate in your gtr, simply so you dont have to race this beast and get smoked. lol i love this car mate great work and awesome attention to detail. 

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  • 2 weeks later...

Took her out for a quick spin couple fridays ago to a local meet with some of the boys so I gave her a much needed clean. Lots of tough cars out, was a good night.

Started to pull her apart last week to fit the new shroud and fan and relocate my auto cooler. Had to run some new lines for the auto cooler which came up pretty good. Wired the fans up to the ecu, oil cooler fan is controlled by temp oil temp now which should keep that all in check. Can't control the auto fan off temp as i havent put a sensor in yet so ive got it constantly running under 40km/h only starting from when the coolant temp reaches 80⁰ to give it a chance to warm up a bit quicker. 

I bought a haltech fuel level conditioner to get my fuel level going on the aim dash so I installed that but somethings not right with it. I have it wired up to the dash and not the ecu but it should still work properly. As the tank fills up the voltage from the sender drops and the reading I was getting on the dash was going into negative mV which was really weird and can't enter negative reading into the dash so I need to work out whats going on. I thought I wouldve got a wider voltage range as well but it seemed to read around 1.6v at empty and go down from there.

She's booked in for a wheel alignment next Wednesday just intime for roll racing on the Saturday. Hopefully get it back and be able to turn the boost up for it. 











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5 minutes ago, Robzilla32 said:

That engine bay looks great.

So Motive DVD Cootamundra star this year?

Thanks mate! 

Nahh im missing 2 axles for that, would struggle to run 10s down there I think 😂😂 

Hopefully get to do some more racing the next couple months before the baby comes but also doing reno's so we'll see what happens.

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  • 3 months later...

So have had the last 3.5wks off work with the birth my son. Have managed to sneak off into the shed every now and then 😂 

I had stock suspension sitting in the shed so decided to chuck it in and see how it sat and if it would give me that squat I needed to get some more power down. Car came up about 15-20mm from where I had it sitting. Took her out for a cruise last friday and gave her a hit. She felt good up top, didnt wiggle. Decel we could smell something burning... Rubber.. Got home and the outside edge tucked so hard into the guard it rubbed on the top of the inner arch. 

So they will be coming back out, ive ordered 5kg springs for my coilovers that should hopefully get here soon.. They originally had 13kg fronts and 8kg rears. I disassembled the rears already for the new coils to get thrown on, and decided to put the 8kg springs in the front to give me a bit nicer ride. I changed them out and managed to pick up about 15mm more down travel which will hopefully help get the front up a bit more under power to transfer the weight to the rear. We will see how it goes though.

Also gave her a quick polish before the meet on Friday and did a few wiring mods while I had the rear seats out. I've put another wire from the ecu to the surge tank to trigger pumps 2 and 3. Plan is to stage them, have one pump running under certain inj duty and it will kick the other 2 in when needed. That should save me about 40-40amps while cruising around and also reduce the heat in there. 

While I was in there i found the wire for the reverse lights and wired it back up to the transbrake so now have reverse lights again :)

Decided to rip my brides out and sell them and put something more stock back in. Thinking r34 gtt or s15 seats. Atm its horrible to try and get into the rear seats so will be good having flip forwards again.

Pulled the turbo mani off to get ready for a new one. Think I might go back to a CRG mani. Not sure on style yet. 

Sorry pics are a bit out of order










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On 6/3/2021 at 9:03 AM, admS15 said:

Congratulations on the newborn. 

Car is looking real nice👌

Thanks mate x2! 

Springs turned up last Friday so I got those put together. Just have to swap the coilovers out again and set them back at the height they were before. Difference in thickness between the 13kg and 5kg is pretty big. Fingers crossed they will work well for me. 

Tarks EMAP setup also arrived last friday for the new mani setup. Thanks to @Dose Pipe Sutututu for the hookups. Have to work out how to get lines from each scroll and Tee'd into the copper coil. (Might have a solution)

Sold my brides and picked up some 34 gtt seats today. Few mods I have to do on them but nothing too crazy. Look decent and are pretty comfy and will allow easy access to the back seats for the little guy onces hes old enough and his mum will let him 🤦‍♂️







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    • Been slowly chipping away finished catch can and plumbed it. Made new support bracket for radiator and intercooler, will need to mod one intercooler pipe and intake pipe. Made a shroud for new Maradyne fan and mounted oil cooler on it too . it has a divider to separate airflow. Sorted fuel system this afternoon with new lines,filter, pressure sensor and mounted ethanol sensor. Fitted a new fuel pump with wiring bulkheads. Going to start with tidying up and reinstall the body and engine looms. Need to wire a few new sensors . Planning to test cooling system for leaks as well.  
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