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Cusco strut bar problem.

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Engine is on rubber mounts (ie moves), strut brace is not. It will hit.

If it was sold/advertised as for a strut for your R32 (RB20 version, not GTR), send it back.

Under fair trading act it is not fit for the advertised duty.

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If it is designed for the gtst, then it should be ok as cusco is a very good brand, and unless it is a manufacturing mistake is probably designed to be that close.

It is hard to tell from the pics exactly how much clearance there is, when you rev the engine, does the manifold touch the brace when it tilts??

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i have the same bar(came on my car when i got it) and it fits nicely...

however. on one of the adjustable nut things in the middle, has been grinded down a little to clear the intake pipes rubber hose before the throttle body.. its to be above the screw tighteners.. to be sure i just moved the screw bit around :(

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hm it looks close but its probably meant to be like that ... this r32 has a cusco brace, different design to yours but looks similarly close to the plenum:


i think its just like that hey with RB20's. but then if u drive round and it rubs on it then obviously its no good. might need to get an engine damper too to help keep the engine nice and still so it doesnt jump around too much if ur on/off throttle alot drifting or watever.

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