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Insurance brokers, The good and bad!


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As we all know insurance threads are constantly popping up but this ones a little different, to the usual "im 17 looking at a R33, will i get insurance etc"

Last year i purchased a wrx and pretty much lost my license (ran out of demerit points) in the first month or two (STUPID speeds which im not real proud of, but when your young AND STUPID....). Fortuneately i learnt from my mistakes!

Anyway RAC was happy to insure me (was 20 at the time with 20% NCB). Insurance wasnt a huge hassle and only around 2K. I told them about the fines and loss of license but after they sent me out the renewal (for about $400 less) they decided they didnt want to deal with me again......

They dont insure people who are under 25 that have lost their license and drive turbo or the more expensive cars apparently!!! I can now understand why so many people drive around with no insurance. Theres probably thousands of people who are under 25 and lost their license for drink driving, speeding, dangerous driving etc.

So basically i have 10 days to find a new insurance company that will insure a 21 y/o with 30% NCB and an aussie delievered turbo car with a bit of a bad driving record...

Planning on ringing around tomorrow (HBF said they would for $1,700 a few weeks back) but i was wondering if its worth going through an insurance broker? I knwo its not going to be easy, however, it will be done as im NOT driving a 25K+ car uninsured or only 3rd party!

I know a few guys here havent got the best records and are insuring a turbo import...

So basically wil insurance brokers have more luck than myself?? What are some good ones? Ones to steer clear of etc

Any advice would be much appreciated!!



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Just Car Insurance i can definately recommend, I changed over to them from Famous Classic Cars as I wasnt impressed with Famous' customer service. Just Cars was a couple hundred $ cheaper. They also advertise the fact that they will attempt to insure everybody regardless of record and mods - i guess you just have to be prepared to pay a bit more cash for it if your record isnt the best...but at least you get insured.

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Guest Moses
just cars are by far the cheapest, my 20 yo missus got the skyline insured for $1300 with a 30% ncb


For you maybe...

Different companies are cheaper for different people / circumstances etc.

who knows why, just ring 'em all..

I got the best deal with Famous Classic.

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go with HBF, but if you are planning mods relating to engine management or electronic boost control then dont.. other stuff like intercoolers, exhaust etc should be fine

21 is the qualifying age.. question is do they know about the loss of licence, cos as far as i am aware.. loss of licence.. high performance car (not necessarily import) and 21 is still a bad combo

but hey if they do it then wikked stixx

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Thanks guys, i will call J/C and Famous soon. A few people have said dont bother wih the insurance brokers...

Riaz when i rang HBF i told them and they said they had no probs. I guess it all depends on who you speak to.

I'm lucky that in a way it will be a bit easier seeing as im 21, higher NCB with an aussie delievered 4 dr (rather than skyline etc). Its just i lost quiet a few pts in a short space of time (only 2 fines though). If i hadnt lost my license i would have NO problems. I didnt get done for Dangerous driving etc

Whats worrying though is that theres litterally thousands of people who are in the same situation and probably driving around uninsured.

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i just called just cars and they quoted me $2143 per year. im 25 and have no insurance history either. this is for a r32 gtr.


How much is your NCB and how much did you insure the car for? I got a quote from HBF for my R32 GTR $1100 for $25000 50%NCB

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