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Oil & Water fittings. GT35 turbo

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In the near future i am going to have to get oil and water lines and fittings for my new setup and i have a few questions.

I dont have any of the copper water feed/returns on my engine and i dont have any of the oil feed/return lines either.

I'd like to know:

1) what sort of fittings i will need..

2) aproximate length of hoses required...

3) type of hoses required... and

4) prices i should expect to pay

I am also unsure where i get the water feed and return from. I take it the oil feed and return are all on the exhaust side of the motor. But i am using a greddy plenum and will be redoing all the hoses on the intake side so i dont know if i should run a water hose from say the water heater circuit, or can i tap into the block somewhere on the exhaust side to pull water from?

any help would be appreciated


Dave :headspin:

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Thanks for the info Bl4cK32

i actually was looking at horsepowerinabox this morning and that was sort of motivation to ask this question. I noticed they sell a complete kit but for $247. So i was wondering if thats an average price to pay, or if it can be done cheaper.

I also want to guage pricing so i can get quotes from enzed and pirtek.

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Dont really know for sure, because im not ready to fit my GT35/40R yet :(

Its usually cheaper if you buy the equipment from the supplier, but Tim may be able to get it cheaper if he buys it in bulk....ask him and let me know as well :)

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all your water and oil lines for the turbo will be on the exhaust side.

when i upgraded turbo i had to get one of the "GT fitting kits" from GCG. these kits include all the fittings from the turbo for GT type turbos (HKS GT and garrett GT series) once i had all the turbo fittings it was a matter of making a trip to your local fittings shop like Enzed or Quickfix. where i got all my lines and matching fittings for the block side.

I used stainless braided line with teflon inner. make sure you get the teflon stuff cause it doesnt perish under extreme heat. as for the oil return (the chuckiest return pipe, I bought some silicon pipe from GCG to match and just used some quality hose clamps.

good luck!

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