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best small car for around 5k to run around in??

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as the title says .. i'm looking for recommendations for a small car which costs around 4k -5k. has be a decent car, good mileage, low maintenance costs. eg starlet, charade etc ..

dont' need to be fast :(


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it's good for all the above, low maintenace, damn reliable, cheap as to run, runs on the smell of petrol, good looking small sporty car, easy to find & cheap parts, potential aftermarket options, and only come in manual!.. so if you can;t drive manual, then forget looking for a swift.

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ditto....cousin just picked one up for $5500 immaculate paint and interior (bucket seats)....dohc.....little pocket rocket...even came with intake,extracters, and sound system not a bad buy for the price 140k on the clock from a 96 model car :) with one year rego!

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