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Gt-r Festival Heritage Display @gt-r Festival

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Hey guys!

I work for Motive DVD, and I am hunting for information required for an article on the heritage display vehicles.

Hope you all enjoyed the GT-R Festival!



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I'll do my best in a couple of days Rene.

Thanks for doing a write up about the very special cars themselves - and also about the efforts of SAU.NSW in sponsoring the Heritage GTR Display.

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Many Thanks go to ...

* Rene Vermeer

* Kevin San

...who are writing blogs and articles for e-mags about the cars in the Heritage Display - sponsored by Skylines Australia.NSW whose President is Nick Adams (User Name "levinboy")





Thank you Dick and SAU Member clubracer Peter for supplying this gorgeous Prince Skyline 2000 GT for the Heritage GTR Display

The Skyline has been in continuous production since 1957, from its original marque, the Prince Motor Company.

Prince began as a car company completely separate from Nissan. Like BMW, it emerged from a former Aircraft Corporation (Tachikawa), after WWII, and used its aeronautical engineering skills to produce the first Skyline car.

A young engineer by the name of Shinichiro Sakurai came up with the "Skyline" name when he espied a range of mountains - silver against the horizon.

Unlike Nissan, Prince was firmly established as a premium car manufacturer, and the Skyline was its flagship car.

In 1957, Nissan could only produce a 25hp 860cc Datsun113. In comparison, Prince Skyline ALSI had a 60hp 1.5l OHV 4-cylinder capable of 78 mph over Datsun's 53.

The Prince Skyline had an independent front suspension and a sophisticated De Dion axle in the rear. It also cost 3x the price of the Datsun.

During its 6 year lifespan, the first generation Skyline underwent several changes on the same basic chassis, including an upgrade to 91hp from a 1.9l four.

The Skyline's true claim to fame emanated from the 1964 Japan Grand Prix, an event that forever changed automotive history in Japan and created ripples in Germany and the US.

Sakurai came up with the idea of shoe-horning a Prince Gloria's straight six into the new Skyline's engine bay. The Skyline's nose had to be elongated by 6" between the cowl and the front fender creating the S54 Skyline 2000 GT.

At Suzuka, a late entry Porsche 904 GTS nearly destroyed Sakurai's dream. But the #41 Skyline GT driven by Tetsu Ikuzawa did the impossible and passed the Porsche. It's said that the whole crowd leapt to their feet whilst a purpose built racing Porsche was getting flogged.

It hardly mattered that the Porsche outlasted the Skyline because the Skyline legend had now manifested itself.

By 1965 after overcapitalisation decisions, Prince was in financial strife. The government then arranged a merger between Prince and Nissan on the basis that Sakurai was given a continued free hand in the Skyline's R&D.

Let's pass the baton over to Kevin San if you can guess what car is coming up next!

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Thanks, Terry!


My car was next in line in the Heritage Display, and it's a 1971 KGC10 Skyline GT, or Hakosuka, as most people call it. But first here's the story behind the Hakosuka generation of Skylines.


As Terry said above, the Skyline nameplate began on a sedan made by Prince. The best way to understand what the brand stood for, was that it was sorta like a motorsport-obsessed Lexus of the 1950s and 1960s Japan. They only made premium products, and shied away from the small-capacity kei-cars that made up most of the cars on the road in Japan at that time. Sadly, this wasn't the smartest business model ever, and by the mid-60s, Prince was flat broke. Japan was in ruins after WW2, but by the early 60s, was in the middle of a dramatic economic turnaround. The government couldn't afford to let the economy lose momentum, and when it found out that Prince was about to go under, it basically forced Nissan to take it over.


By 1965, the S54 Prince Skyline was already getting old, and its replacement was already on the drawing board, but the company itself was on life-support. The project manager for the Skyline model was a pragmatic man called Dr Shinichiro Sakurai, and he, along with a team of his engineers, went to visit their deadly enemies at Nissan in Oppama. There, they saw the 510 Bluebird on the drawing board, and they liked what they saw. Back at their Tokyo design base, Dr Sakurai and his team hurriedly adapted the C10 Skyline to use Nissan engines and running gear, and they knuckled-down on the detail design work to adapt Nissan component suppliers (brake master cylinders etc) to their design.

Soon after, the takeover of Prince by Nissan was announced in 1966. And remarkably, the Prince Skyline had enough respect in the Japanese market, that Dr Sakurai was allowed to keep the Skyline design team separate from the regular Nissan design team, and they remained a separate team until the 1980s. This of course caused no end of politics behind the corporate curtain, and certainly on the racetrack...but that's another story.


And in July 1968, not even two years after Prince was taken over by Nissan, the C10 Skyline sedan was unveiled in four cylinder form to great acclaim in Japan, and for the very first time, the Skyline wore a Nissan badge. Dr Sakurai said that he wanted a stylish, 100mph family car that would be at home on touring roads, and that's exactly what he delivered. In its first year, it tripled the best ever sales year of the Prince Skyline, and was a commercial and critical success. Later, a 6 cylinder GT version using a 2.0 version of the L-series would be added to the range. The sedan is naturally a little boxy and square looking, so it was nicknamed Hakosuka by the public. Hako means "Box" and "Suka" is the abbreviation of how you might say "Sukai-Line" in a thick Japanese accent. So that's where the name comes from; it actually dates back to the original 4cyl sedan, and the term Hakosuka isn't reserved for the GT-R version.

But the best part was yet to come. The Prince Skyline has built itself quite a reputation as a sports sedan, and Nissan unveiled the 2000GT-R. This had a high-revving, 160hp 2.0 straight six with a, 24V DOHC head, capacitive-discharge ignition, LSD, a 100L long range tank, and the whole package came stripped out, with not even a demister or radio fitted. On its racing debut, it decimated everything, lapped the second-place car not once...but twice...and won at a canter.


In late 1969, the sedan was joined by a hardtop coupe, which naturally had a 2000GT-R version too, which was shorter and lighter than the sedan, and so it made a better racing platform.


The race wins continued to come...and in fact, since the racing debut of the sedan, the Hakosukas never lost a race, and had an unbroken winning streak that ran for 49 races and almost three years, until December 1971, forging a Skyline motorsport legacy that we still feel today.


Today, a 2000-GTR is quite a prized possession. Unlike the modern-era GTRs, which were made in relatively big numbers, the Hakosuka GT-Rs were handbuilt in very small quantities. Only 2000 were made back in the day and today, a few hundred survive and you'll need a quarter of a million dollars to bag one. But all C10-series Hakosuka Skylines are a product of the turbulent times at Nissan and Prince during that era; a combination of Prince design and styling, with Nissan engineering.

Anyway. Enough waffling on :) My car is pretty typical of a Hakosuka in Japan today, which is to say that it's somewhat of a hotrod or outlaw. It's relatively hard to find a stock one, and most surviving examples have gone down the path that mine has.

My car started life in January 1971 as a 2000GT. Which meant that it looked like this, with a narrowbody, no flares or spoilers and a 120hp single-cam, single-carbed L-series straight six. All 6 cylinder Hakosukas have a very similar chassis to a 510; which is to say, McPherson Struts at the front, and an independent rear end with semi-trailing arms.


Somewhere along the line, it was turned from a humble GT, to a race replica. Its not really fair to call it a GT-R clone, as the GT-R doesnt have the front flares or front spoiler that my car has, so my car takes more of its visual inspiration from the factory touring race cars in the early 1971 season.


Apart from the visual mods, the 2.0L six is now a bored out 2.95L six, with a lot of headwork by Tony Knight, triple Weber DCOEs and all the goodies for 200hp at the wheels. The suspension is Koni coilovers at the front, and GAB shocks at the back with a 2-way LSD. Its fun to drive.


Being part of the Heritage Display was a blast, and thanks to Terry for inviting me and the Hako along.

Thanks for reading!


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2001 Nissan Skyline R34 GTR V-Spec II. All V-Spec II came standard with the carbon fiber hood and NACA duct.

Owner: Adix Wong

My car history: It was owned by a baseball player and modified by Top Secret in Japan. Then imported by a dealer in 2008 and went through a few skyline enthusiasts around Australia. I believe I am now the 4th owner here in Australia.

It came with a long list of modifications (including conversion to a single turbo by previous owner) and I have enhanced it even better by upgrading to a true 3.5" custom catback exhaust by Performance Exhaust Centre; DBA 5000 T3 2-pieces front rotors; Twin fuel pumps; and tuned for more reliable power by Unigroup Engineering. Making 440KW (590HP) at the wheels.

Mod List:


HKS 1.2mm Metal Head Gasket

ARP Head Studs

HKS 272 Cams

HKS Cam Gears

T04z Turbo with 1.0 Rear housing

6 Boost Manifold

60mm Progate External Wastegate

4" Custom Dump & Front Pipe

3.5" Custom Cat

3.5" Custom Catback Exhaust (SMB Muffler)

4.5" Custom Titanium Tailpipe

Blitz BOV

K&N Air Filter

All heat wrapped

Sard fuel pressure regulator

2000cc Bosch Injectors

Twin 255lph E85 Walbro Fuel Pumps

Custom Oil Catch Can/Washer Bottle

Splitfire Coilpacks

Greddy fuel rail

Greddy Oil Cooler

Greddy Front Mount Intercooler

Greddy Oil Filter Relocation Kit

Koyo Radiator

Custom GT-R fuse box cover

Custom HKS Purple GT-R Covers

Nismo Engine Mounts

Nismo Oil Cap

Nismo Radiator Cap

Nitto Clear Cam Cover

Auto Select Strut Brace

ARC Titanium Radiator Hood Panel with Air Vents


Haltech Platium Pro with E Flex Sensor

Haltech GaugeArt

HKS Auto Turbo Timer

Nismo MFD v2 with Lap Timing Switch

Nismo Black 320km/h Dash

Nismo GT500 Titanium Gear Knob

Nismo Carbon Fiber Mirror Cover

Nismo Racing Fashion Lighter

Nismo Carbon Fiber Seat Belt Pads

Android Double Din Head Unit

Alpine Splits

Mongoose Alarm

Custom Retrimmed Interior

Superior Auto Creative Center Console Carbon Fiber Cover


Volk Racing TE37's Tokyo Time Attack Edition 19x10.5+15 with Rays Engineering Lug Nuts

Volk Racing Wheel Center Caps

Nismo GT Tail Lights

Z Tune Front Bar

Z Tune Side Skirts

Z Tune Rear Pods

Z Tune Front Fenders

Top Secret Front Diffuser

Auto Select Wind-Flip Registration Plate Stay

HPI Towing Belt Adapter Set

Clear Indicator Covers

Kamikaze Miyabi Coat & Gyeon Q2 Rim Coat


Aragosta Adjustable Coilovers

Ferrari F50 Brembo Brakes Calipers

Custom Hats + DBA 5000 T3 2-Piece Rotors

AP Racing Braided Lines

ATS Twin Plate Carbon Clutch



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Heritage Car Display Invite at the GT-R Festival sponsored by SAU.NSW is also...



And an example of its typical engine bay by 74.SKY is...


...thanks to Ali Ismael for displaying your KPC110.

Nissan fully intended to continue its winning streak of the Hakosuka with the above - C110 Skyline - and subsequently displayed a stunning new hardtop in racing livery - green and gold - at the 1972 Tokyo Motor Show.

The number "73" was emblazoned on its side, representing the year the new GT-R went racing.

However, the Middle East Oil Crisis sent the world into ransom mode via Arab oil embargos and thus, Nissan had to abandon many of its motorsport ventures.

With the abrupt cancellation of the Skyline racing programme, only 197 KPGC110 GT-Rs were ever manufactured (compared to over 800 Hakosukas), making them virtually the rarest and most sought-after Nissans.

Nevertheless, the fourth-generation Skyline lived out its time as the most successful Skyline to date. These also had the DOHC 24-valve in line 6-cylinder engine with 158hp and 130lb-ft of torque at 5,600rpm.

It also came with the S20 powerplant that later appeared in the Fairlady Z432

Magnifying sales were a series of TV commercials, starring a young couple driving across the countryside in their Skyline Coupe. The ads fuelled a huge reaction by the buying Japanese public and Nissan gave the boy and girl names; Ken and Mary.

Ali's car is circa 1973 with

* l28 triple carburettors

* Watanabe rims

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Hi all and thank you to the organisers for having us take part in the GTR festival.

Rather than trying to piece together a puzzle of information found online about this rare GTR, I will post what I know and ask that if anyone has more information or corrections to my post to please let me know. This is the GTR forum after all and you guys would know a lot more than I will.

BNR34 GTR V-Spec II Nismo Omori Factory S1 S-Tune

Build date: 2002

Build number: 005

ODM: 25,800km at the festival (original km with log books and service history)

Sourced specifically for the current owner and imported from Japan in 2010.

Just like the popular and well known Z-Tune, the S-Tune was not sold by Nissan directly but rather a Nismo Omori factory upgrade where a customer can hand over their already purchased GTR and have Nismo Omori mad scientists fit a list of optional upgrades.

The S-Tune package was focused with street drivability in mind retaining all luxury features whilst having increased power (405bhp+) compliments of a long list of Nismo power and handling goodies (Turbos, Cams, intake, coilovers, body kit and the list goes on and on).

This particular S-Tune was fully optioned with every goodie Omori had to offer and remains in original trim and looks. All original parts remain on the car or in storage along with all factory owners manuals, paperwork, receipts, brochures and log book. Having driven from Melbourne to Sydney for the festival and back, the S-Tune past its 26,000km mark on the odometer, not bad for a 14 year old car.

The S-Tunes original condition and appearance is complimented by having available on the market identical di-cast models as well as variant gaming console playable vehicles pictured below.









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R32 GT-R V-Spec II N1

On Heritage Car Display of MotiveDVD's GT-R Festival



Year of Manufacture:- 1994

Engine Modifications
* N1 Block (Balanced Crankshaft, Big Water Channels)
* N1 Pistons
* N1 Piston Rings
* N1 Bearings
* N1 Head and Cams
* N1 Water Pump
* N1 Oil Pump
* N1 Turbos (Steel Wheels)
* Nistune ECU
* Blitz DSBC

* Nismo 555cc Injectors
* Nismo Fuel Pump
* Nismo Fuel Pressure Regulator
* Nismo (Old Style) Oil Cap
* Nismo (Old Style) Radiator Cap

Exhaust Modifications

* Nismo (Old Style) Rear Muffler/Tip

* Nismo (Old Style) Front Pipe
* HKS Silent Power Exhaust Piping

* Attain GT C/F Exhaust Shroud

Suspension Modifications

* Bilstein Suspension

* Nismo S-Tune Suspension (Spare)
* Nismo Circuit Link Caster Rods

* Nismo Front Sway Bar

* Nismo/Yamaha Front Damper

* Nismo Front Chassis Brace

* Fujimura Front Titanium Strut Brace

* Nismo Rear Sway Bar
* Nismo Rear Chassis Brace

* Nismo Rear Strut Brace

Brakes/Running Gear

* Brembo Brakes (OEM on V-Spec II)
* Nismo S/S Braided Brake Lines
* Nismo S/S Braided Clutch Line

* DBA T3 4000 Slotted Rotors F&R
* N1 Air Guides
* ATTESSA Retuned System

Monitoring Equipment

* HKS Gauge Pod Set

* HKS Exhaust Temp Meter

* HKS Compound Boost Meter

* HKS EVC Graphic Control Computer


* Nismo LMGT2 17x9" +20
* Nismo LMGT1 18x10" +22 (Spare)

* OEM V-Spec II Rims (Spare)


* Nismo-style C/F Entry Plates

* Nismo (Old Style) Floor Mats

* Nismo (Old Style) Sports Steering Wheel

* Nismo (Old Style) Foot Pedals

* Nismo (Old Style) Kill Switch/Lighter

* Nissan C10 GT-R Grille Badge
* D-Spec Clear Front Indicator Lenses


* N1 Front Bumper Bar

* N1 C/F Boot Lip

* N1 Side Skirts

* N1 Rear Spats

* Fujimura Front Diffuser

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This is the 6th GT-R I have owned and by far the best, it is my millennium jade 2002 vspec 2 nur it came into the country as a 5A auction grade with 18,000 kms it currently has 42,000 kms, I have replaced a few bolt on parts with only quality japanese parts but have also kept all of the original parts that can be put back on to return it to std if required.





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R34 GT-R V-Spec N1





Year Of Manufacture:- 1999

Engine Modifications

* N1 Block (Balanced Crankshaft, Big Water Channels)

* N1 Pistons
* N1 Conrods (Balanced)
* N1 Water Pump
* N1 Oil Pump

* N1 Turbos

* N1 Exhaust Manifold

* APEX'i Power FC D-Jetro ECU

* HKS Boost Controller

* SARD 700cc Fuel Injectors

* Nismo Fuel Pump

* Nismo Fuel Pressure Regulator

* Nismo Intake Collector

* Nismo Timing Belt

* Nismo Oil Separator

* Nismo Oil Filler Cap

* Nismo Radiator Cap

* Nismo Titanium F Strut Brace

* ARC Air Diversion Plate With Louvres

Exhaust Modifications

* Mine's Dump Pipes

* Mine's Front Pipe

* Fujitsubo 80mm Titanium Exhaust

* Fujitsubo Titanium R Muffler

Suspension Modifications

* Nismo S-Tune F Suspension

* Nismo S-Tune R Suspension

Brakes and Running Gear

* Nismo S/S Braided Brake Lines

* Nismo Super Coppermix Twin Plate Clutch

Monitoring Equipment

* Nismo Dash Cluster in White from Factory

* Nismo MFD (Spare)


* LMGT Magnesium White 18x10"

* LMGT GT500 Gunmetal 18x9.5" (Spare)

* BBS OEM GT-R Rims Titanium Silver (Spare)


* Nismo Floor Mats

* Nismo Clear F Indicators

* Nismo Clear Side Indicators

* Nismo GT Pro Gear Knob

* Nismo Fuel Filler Cap

* Nismo LED Lighter

* Nismo C/F Rear Vision Mirror Cover

* Nismo C/F B-Pillar Garnish

* Nismo-style Titanium Bonnet Strut

* PANIC Button


* N1 Rear Vision Mirrors

* Nismo S-Tune F Bumper Bar

* Nismo Side Skirts

* Nismo R Pods

* Nismo-style C/F R Wing Blade


* 1485Kg with little fuel

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Hi guys and gals

My 1994 Nissan Skyline GTR VSPECii was on display in the Heritage section.

The vehicle was built April 1994 and arrived in Australia in 2006. I am the 3rd owner of the car.

I purchased the car as is with the exception of the LMGT1 wheels which I sourced and had restored. Being 18x10 +20, they are quite hard to find.Tyres are now 265/35/18 Hankook RS3

As far as I'm aware the car had the nismo kit installed when in Japan and the vehicle also has the 10 stack cd changer which I have not seen many of.

Engine was built and tuned at JEM in Sydney and performs faultlessly everytime and turns all 4 wheels to the tune of 550kw with the help of HKS T51r spinning to 36 psi.




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Purchased in 2014 I am the 2nd owner since Import. The car was relatively Stock when I found it, a rare find today. I have made a number of modifications since but holding onto most of the standard parts. As you all know half of the Joy of owning a GT-R is making it faster the other half is driving it!



Greddy Profec boost controller
Haltec Platinum Pro ECU
HKS GT-SS Turbo's
Twin Walbro 255 intank fuel setup
Custom Induction with Apexi Filters
Standard RB26 block
Tomei Expreme 3” titanium exhaust
HKS supersonic bov
Plazmaman GT-R Pro Series 76mm FMIC
Koyorad 53mm dual core radiator
Expreme TSC

Suspension, Brakes & Tires:


MCA Red coilovers
Slideworx Adj Camber Arms
Slideworx Hicas Delete
Hardrace Rear subframe bushes and pineapples
Brembos Standard
DBA T3 Clubspec slotted rotors front and rear (324mm front and 300mm rear.)
QFM A1RM track day pads

Varrstoen ES1's 18X10.5
Yokohama Advan Neova AD08's 265/35 r18



Sony Xplod head unit
JBL subwoofer with KICKER amp
Autometer shift-lite and pro-lite
320km nismo speedometer
Nismo gearknob
Nismo floor mats
Racelogic GPS Data Loger
Zleds LED type II tail light conversion
Abflug front carbon fibre diffuser

Power figures on High Boost 269kw/360hp @ 19psi (prior to FMIC & Tomei exhaust)


Future plans for the car, 600-700awhp with a 6466 Precision turbocharger and supported engine modifications.

Photo's courtesy of Patrick Stanard Photography http://patrick-stannard-photography.weebly.com/
Thanks to JEM for their tuning and support. http://www.justenginemanagement.com/newsite/

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My 1992 R32 N1 GTR is car number 87 of 114, non v-spec N1's.

Almost entirely in original condition with 70,000km's, the only modifications are an original NISMO period exhaust, an oil cooler kit to keep temps down in the hot Australian summers and a Nistune ECU chip and Profec B Boost Controller to ensure all runs smoothly with Australian fuel.

The car has been owned by me for the last 7 years, and was purchased while i was searching for a Series 3 R33 GTR, and found a thread on SAU where someone had spotted this beauty.

Its travelled less than 15000km's since i've owned it, and is resigned to Sunday drives, SAU events and family trips down the coast.

"The Skyline GT-R 'N1' model, introduced on July 19, 1991, was designed for home-market N1 racing with a total of 228 units produced. The most notable change was in the engine, which was upgraded to the R32-N1 specification. The car was also lightened by the removal of the ABS, air conditioning, sound system, rear wiper, trunk carpet, and the use of light-weight headlights. No color options were available and all 'N1' cars were delivered with a thin layer of Crystal White paint. The result was a 30 kg weight savings for a curb weight of 1,400 kg"





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Heritage Display: 1996 R33 GT-R in Midnight Purple (LP2)

Highly original and in well kept condition since new in Japan with full Nissan service history and some Nismo options. I plan on keeping my car in the best condition as possible while enjoying the driving experience and maintaining originality. The R33 has always been my favourite GT-R.

Factory fitted options from Japan:

Nismo S-Tune Suspension

Nismo Front & Rear Sway Bars

Nismo Tension Rods

Nismo 17" LMGT2 Wheels

Fitted by me:

Series 3 Xenon Headlights

Nismo Weldina Carbon Tip Exhaust

Nismo Centre Gauges

Nismo Titanium Gear Knob

Nismo Oil Cap

Nismo Mats

Nismo Side Indicators

Nismo GT-R Spoiler Caps

Clear Front Indicators

Rear Pods

Nistune ECU with standard map and no speed limiter

Kenwood Head Unit

Future Plans: Nismo Dash Cluster Garrett -7 (N1) Turbos

The only engine modification is removal of the boost restrictor and the drivetrain is standard including the clutch.

I have enjoyed running the car at the drags a few times, having ran a best time of a 12.6s 1/4 mile so far.

I like to take the car out for drives on a regular basis when the weather is good or for a special event or cruise.




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1999 Nissan Skyline R34 GTR

Engine Mods

Garret GT2860-5 Turbos

X-FORCE Dump Pipes

HI-FLOW 100cpsi Cat


OS GIKEN Adjustable Cam gears

OS GIKEN STR Twin Plate Clutch With Super Damper

TURBOSMART Blow off Valves

NISMO Competition spec oil cooler

NISMO Fuel Pressure Regulator

NISMO Oil Filler Cap

HKS Drag Spec Intercooler

HKS Intercooler Piping and Hoses

HKS Strut Brace

ARC Radiator

ARC Air Box

BLITZ Radiator Cap

CARBING Radiator Cooling Panel


POWER ENTERPRISE 700cc Injectors

CROYDON RACING Designed Catch Can with full Braided Lines

WALBRO Twin in tank Fuel Pumps

HALTECH Platinum Pro ECU and 3bar Map Sensor

Brakes and Suspension

BREMBO 355 x 32 72 Vane T3 Front Disc Rotors and Calliper

DBA Slotted Rear Disc Rotors

PEDDERS Adjustable Coilovers


NISMO Instrument Cluster

DEFI Gauges

DEFI Link Data Logger

HKS EVC Pro Boost Controller

HKS Turbo Timer

PIONEER Head Unit and Speakers


Full C-WEST Body Kit

TRIAL Carbon Fibre Rear Wing

GANADOR Rear view Mirrors

WORK Emotion CR Kai 18" Wheels with YOKOHAMA 265/35R18 Tyres

NISMO Eye Lids


Edited by krish_GTR
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1999 Nissan Skyline R34 GTR

Heritage Display

Engine Mods

Garret GT2860-5 Turbos

X-FORCE Dump Pipes

HI-FLOW 100cpsi Cat


OS GIKEN Adjustable Cam gears

OS GIKEN STR Twin Plate Clutch With Super Damper

TURBOSMART Blow off Valves

NISMO Competition spec oil cooler

NISMO Fuel Pressure Regulator

NISMO Oil Filler Cap

HKS Drag Spec Intercooler

HKS Intercooler Piping and Hoses

HKS Strut Brace

ARC Radiator

ARC Air Box

BLITZ Radiator Cap

CARBING Radiator Cooling Panel


POWER ENTERPRISE 700cc Injectors

CROYDON RACING Designed Catch Can with full Braided Lines

WALBRO Twin in tank Fuel Pumps

HALTECH Platinum Pro ECU and 3bar Map Sensor

Brakes and Suspension

BREMBO 355 x 32 72 Vane T3 Front Disc Rotors and Calliper

DBA Slotted Rear Disc Rotors

PEDDERS Adjustable Coilovers


NISMO Instrument Cluster

DEFI Gauges

DEFI Link Data Logger

HKS EVC Pro Boost Controller

HKS Turbo Timer

PIONEER Head Unit and Speakers


Full C-WEST Body Kit

TRIAL Carbon Fibre Rear Wing

GANADOR Rear view Mirrors

WORK Emotion CR Kai 18" Wheels with YOKOHAMA 265/35R18 Tyres

NISMO Eye Lids


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I can't thank you guys enough. This article is going to be epic! I will also be writing one for NZ Performance Car magazine's website too! So plenty of coverage for the club.

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Thankyou to all the organisers of the GTR Festival and the Heritage Display.

I am the owner of the R32 Nismo that was on display. I have included below the specs and details of the car as well as an article from the web on the Nismo spec. If anyone has any more info on the Nismo spec, please feel free to share.

FB IMG 1464573156269

Many racecars are released onto the general public for homologation purposes in order to race. For Nissan and there tuning arm NISMO, back in 1990, they released a short production run of 500 Nissan GT-R’s to justify the changes they made to their race car’s in Group A Racing. Group A Racing referred to production-derived vehicles limited in terms of power, weight, allowed technology and overall cost. Group A was aimed at ensuring a large number of privately owned entries in races.

Well there were actually 560 units produced of the 1990 NISMO Nissan GT-R, but 60 of those units were used for racing and 500 were sold to the general public.

What makes this NISMO GT-R different from a regular R32 Skyline are all the aerodynamic changes, including additional ducts in the front bumper to improve airflow to the intercooler, a bonnet lip spoiler to direct more air into the engine bay, rear wheel arch spats on side skirts, Nismo boot sticker, no radio or radio buttons on dash, no rear wiper, no arco/climate control, no ABS and an additional boot lip spoiler to provide more downforce. However, the purchaser could option with/or without any of the previous.The 'Nismo' GT-R was only available in Gunmetal Grey.

Source: http://www.examiner.com/article/1-of-500-1990-nissan-skyline-gt-r-nismo-edition-s-currently-for-sale-on-ebay

IMG 5015

FB IMG 1464515185263

Details on car:

BNR32 - 100518 Nismo Build #518/560

A previous owner in Japan had it painted in the colour white.

  • Nismo side skirts and spats
  • Nismo/N1 turbos
  • Nismo boot lip
  • Nismo boot sticker
  • Nismo front bar vents for better airflow to intercooler
  • Nismo bonnet lip
  • Nismo 260kph speedo
  • Radio
  • Air conditioning/climate control
  • No ABS
  • No rear wiper (weight reduction)
  • Nismo exhaust
  • Nismo Suspension
  • Nismo brake pads
  • 93,000kms
  • ARC induction airbox
  • HKS oil cooler and relocation kit
  • ENKI lightweight rims with hollow spokes, similar to Group A rims

FB IMG 1464573162592

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