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Next upgrade ???

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Hi all,

looking for a little advice on the next upgrade to my S2 GTST

Currently has kakimoto cat back (3"), and hks pod - I have the EVC IV ready to install, just have not had the time to do so (moved house and wife would actually end me if i start spending time on the car and not unpacking boxes)

anyway- after teh evc goes in should I :

1. install high flow dump pipe + high flow cat - approx $400

2. new turbo so can run higher boost - $1000 ? but would I need option 1 to get the best results ?

3. emanage + tune up - 2nd hand emanage + garage tune $800 ??

4. FMIC - $700 ?

any thoughts ???


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Guest Robo's

Definately get options 1 first, then 3. This should get your car running much faster. If your still not happy go to option 4. Leave 3 out, until all the options are completed and your still hungry.

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I think he meant, get the front and dump done and then get the computer.

But, if you plan on getting an FMIC in the near future wait until after you get the FMIC to get the computer.

I think that's what he meant.

I'm in the same boat as you though.

I already have the dump/front, and cat back... also have ebc. But stock intercooler.

Not sure if I should get an FMIC then a computer or the other way around. I've been advised that the computer will give me more of a power increase than getting just an FMIC.

Makes me wonder if getting an FMIC is worth it if all I want is close to 200rwkw.


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I would wait a little longer and get Option 3 & 4 at the same time. Seeing you have a boost controller and how much standard computers HATE being over boosted and hit boost cut (biggest pain in the arse)

Get a FMIC first, run low boost then get a computer asap after. best off with an PFC

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