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Servicing your N/A

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Hi guys, im just about to service my RB20DE for the first time and need a little help chasing the part numbers for a few things. Could someone be kind enough to tell me the part number for

* Oil filter

* Fuel Filter

Also, what grade of oil is suitable for a slightly modded R32. Maybe making an extra 15 to 25 kw.

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We are currently compiling service details for all the different NA motors.

As far as oil/fuel filters go, you will find the part numbers in books at y our local auto parts store.

When you bring the parts home, add the part numbers to our list here:

http://www.skylinesaustralia.com/forums/sh...ead.php?t=39760 :)

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most books dont have part numbers for non turbo models. For example, ngk do not have plug numbers for Rb20DE only RB20DET but sure, if i find out any of the numbers ill ad them to the list

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here we go........

I'm pretty sure that the parts for the turbo version are the same parts that are used on the NA, but if i'm wrong, somebody please correct me and i'll remove all of this :)

ripped from www.rb20det.com

Water Pump: 21010-21U25

Thermostat: 21200-42L05

coil Packs: 22433 60u02 mcp-300124

Oil Filter Genuine Nissan: 15208-H8911

Oil Filter Ryco: Z145A

Oil Filter Valvoline: R9

Oil Capacity: 4.6L with filter (7.5w 30 is recommended)

Coolant Capacity: 9L

Manual Gearbox: 2L (80w 90)

P/s Fluid capacity, non-hicas: 1.8L

Sump washer 11026-01M02

Fuel filter 16400-53J10

Rear diff oil 1.5L

Alternator belt 11720-24U00

Cam belt 13028-20P10

PAS belt 11950-04U00

NGK standard plugs PFR5A-11 1.1mm gapped

NGK Iridium plugs T7341T-8 0.8mm gapped

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