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Skyline Generation 1 - 5 Advertisements (Japanese)


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Courtesy of Red Park Skyline Museum in japan...

Ads for the First 4 generations of Skylines, including the C110 Ken Meri... starring... the lovable Ken and Mary!!!!


Video for 1977 C210 Skyline


I LOVE the voice over for the 3rd generation Skyline, and the 5'th, it sounds so mad!

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i've seen in a HPI mag an add for i think gen 1 or 2 (i can't look at the links so stop me if seen this one) its just a poster add with a skyline on a road passing a japanese girl on a bike whos' skirt has ridden up so everyone can see her "panties"!! you've got to admire a culture that has a fixasion on school girls and "panties"(i ment that in the nicest possible way)..i think the story was on the collection of skylines at redpark..i'll try to post up a pic

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    • in reality the new engine was a swap alot because it was brand new vs 3 years old and the other one needing a refresh after wtac anyway but... the 2.8 is obvious capacity etc and will do current power more easily and add some responsiveness not that that was really lacking  the limiting factor with all this atm is injectors (ID1700s at 4 bar base) and turbo (precision 6780) literally being maxed out at bang on 1000hp as thats what the system was designed to do, so to go more need injectors, turbo and  maybe even intercooler but i know a guy that like his power and will see how this all unfolds  it is a rwd drive on an 050 tyre though and i am just a complete amateur so among other things the ability to drive it becomes a consideration also 
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    • Thanks. That's helpful. Definitely easier to get ones for a Silvia. And this confirms my suspicions that they would work too.
    • Hi. After a 4 long/short years i wanna ask. Just ask cuz i know it would be a ALOT work but. https://3gspares.co.nz/collections/engines/products/nissan-r34-skyline-rb25det-neo-turbo-5mt-complete-engine-motor-package-104-400km-gt-t I found this engine...it looks like it has all the things you need to for the swap. It looks clean and in very good condition How hard would it be to swap instead of RB20DE NEO(factory 5spd manual) I know the gearbox is weak but it should just plug n play for a while no? I have better fuel pump(mine went bad) and brakes are from GTT. Iam just asking around to gather info. Only considering this cuz i know these guys and this engine IMO is completed package for swap. Thanks :)
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