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hey all this question might have been asked heaps but here it is...

my power steering makes alot of noise like a grinding when i turn the wheel, now ive checked the power steering fluid and thats fine so could it be the pump? how can u check this? ive never done it...or should i just wait for the next service, id reallly like to know the hows and what to do's etc so i know for my self...


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It's probably the pump if its a grinding as thats the first thing to run dry when you get a p/s leak and thats what damages it. Previous owner may have run it dry at some stage then just topped it up. If it still works then i'd just get it checked next time you drop it in for service as it's easier to swap he thing over than rebuild yourself.

If it's a more of a groan then it's more likely due to the suspension geometry changing as you turn the wheel and slowly loading up one side or the other. But you'll only hear this if you are stationary.

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