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Is this a problem?

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Possibly a useless response... but...

When I back off from full throttle in my work van I get a shudder as the A/C kicks back in (you can only feel it if you've gone from full throttle to clutch-in idle rpm).

No idea if thats likely to be the problem in something a little more refined like a 34 GTT ;)

Also, from my bogan days ... An incorrectly aligned tailshaft or worn uni joints will give you shudder as you back off as the slack gets taken up. Again, probably not an issue on a 34 GTT.

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the entire car does

has it anything to do with air going trying to go out the wrong way thru the turbo or something when i let off the accelerator?

Have you got an aftermarket BOV? If you have and it's set too tight then you'll get this shudder if it doesn't open fully.

This is what was happening with my car anyways.

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You shouldn't get any fluttering sound at all else the BOV is still too tight. If you loosen it a fair bit until it starts leaking under boost and then tighten it a little from there you should be fine. It should be a clean opening every time, even under bugger all boost when you're off the throttle.

Should be problem solved from there mate.

Good luck. :rolleyes:

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