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r34 Halogen bulbs?


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Tried a search but couldn't find what I was looking for.

My Xenons have been converted to halogen bulbs for compliance as with most 34s. One of the park lights(i think the one at the edge is the parker?) has gone and I need to replace it. I wanted to know what type of Halogen bulb I will need to buy to replace this and any suggestions on where to get these from?

Any specific tips for dissasembling the headlight would be great too. Thanks.

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you should be able to take the globe out without taking the h/light apart . you can get the globe at any auto shop , take yours out and tested to make sure its the globe then buy one the same .

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Just got home and had a look at the back of the assembly and have NFI how to get the bulb out. The instructions in the manual don't explain it either. ;)

I'm presuming you have to at least take the assembly off the car to take it out?

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hmmm, unless its one of those damn stupid 'sealed beam' headlights (i think thats what they are called)

when the compliance guy did my brothers type x 180sx, he changed the whole headlight, and its sealed, so u have to buy the whole thing, cant replace the bulb, as the whole headlight is vacuum sealed! i dont think thats what you have, but it not too difficult to spot how to take the bulb out.

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i've got h1 headlights on mine,, would so like some xenon headlights,,

anyways,, to get to the parker lights,,

u have to remove the battery or move it back atleast,, to get to the right parker light,,

some long nose plliers would help..

and to get to the left parker light,, you have to remove the intake box,,, should be bolted in 4 places,, and easy to get to.. also might have to remove the coolant reservoir tank,, 1 or 2 bolts i think,, than u can get to the parker lights easily.

the parker light sockets should be a twist on/ twist off plug,, twist left to unplug i think,,, thats if its the same parker lights as a H1 headlight..

either way, i think u'll have to remove all those things to get to the parker lights,,

hope it helps,,


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Thanks. Any help is appreciated.

Just wanted to really know whether I would have to do some serious disassembly to get to the back of the bulb or not.

Just haven't got a lot of time to spend taking things apart and putting back together.

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