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rb26 lifters

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The 26 uses a solid lifter set up. The bucket that sits under the cam and on top of the valve is nothing more than a lifter ( ie, the cam lobe turns and pushes on the bucket, witch in turn opens the valve). Valve clearance (lash), is then adjusted with a small shim that sits on top of the valve and under the bucket. Correct valve clearance is achieved by altering the thickness of the shim. Hydraulic lifters, use oil pressure to adjust lash. In the RB engines the HLA (hydraulic lash adjuster), is the bucket. The bucket has a small HLA mechanism inside it, this enables the bucket through pressure oil feed to sit between the cam and the valve and take up all the lash. Resulting in quieter running, as there is no clearance to take up each revolution of the cam.

Hope that makes sense, sort of assumed you know roughly what the inside of an RB head looks like

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