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DR30 Body No and Year model

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Can someone tell me which year my Iron mask was built ie 84/85 .

DR3004485x , engine no is high 49700's . Also is there a way to tell the RS from the RSX . The boot lid badge says DOHC RS Turbo . The car came with pwr steer and air , elec mirrors no cruise or fast glass .

Thanks A .

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oh, if you're after the weather strip for the DR30, the part numbers are:

76850-21S10 for the Right Hand side


76851-21S10 for the Left hand side

sweeettt thats what i have been looking for thanks heaps (note: havent actually looked but needed to know, lol).

cheers :)

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i believe the RS-X was the intercooled factory version. the RS was the non intercooled version..just through that in to answer the last part of the question. as i found its parts places that will only sell the whole window and seal.

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