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S13 Sprint/Time Attack Style Build


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Second knuckle went OK, looks like I was a touch quick on the travel speed, but I imagine they will look ok once cleaned/painted up which will be next on the list as I wait for the sphericals and rotors to arrive.

I think in future I might not try and clean up/smooth the weld afterwards, I think it kinda looks better without it (not that you will see this). 








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On 11/8/2021 at 2:02 PM, ActionDan said:

Not bad. All new pins/clips, seals etc, powder coated black for a bit over 1k delivered for the set. 

Have GKtech weld on rear caliper adaptors to go on also. 

Buy my old my old brakes or dash/interior :D

250572681_942159646389155_4501093686822060037_n (1).jpg


So you went with full 350Z brembo kit front and rear? I'm still interested in your whole dash/interior but last we talked you weren't keen to sell, have you changed your mind 😁

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On 12/2/2021 at 3:55 PM, iruvyouskyrine said:

So you went with full 350Z brembo kit front and rear? I'm still interested in your whole dash/interior but last we talked you weren't keen to sell, have you changed your mind 😁

Completely forgot, yes it's all for sale. 



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  • PranK changed the title to S13 Sprint/Time Attack Style Build

Head is back, builder sent this and said he will do some light polishing to finish it off but is very happy with the result. 

I asked about it looking so textured he said "Its actually pretty smooth. That's just toolpaths so looks more pronounced depending on angle. OEM is 10x the texture of this"

I didn't take any pics of the head before I sent it but have included a stock image from the interwebs, look at the casting marks on the last cyl far right 0_0






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On 12/7/2021 at 8:43 PM, robbo_rb180 said:

Nice work, did you decide on a rotor and pad setup yet?


HFM 2 piece fronts and DBA T3 rears. 

Pads will be Intima Type RS front and either Type D or SR rears as Johnny and I were discussing bite vs progression in the rear pad. 

Will just take a guess as I wont know what the balance is like until we get out there, I had considered putting in a basic balance adjuster though.

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On 13/12/2021 at 10:02 AM, ActionDan said:

f**k Michael Massey. 

That is all. 

Lol, not a max fan then. What a farking debacle. There's rules and then there's rules..


Nek minnit, Massey demoted to officiating Aus world time attack.

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I feel like I must be the only one that thinks Masi got it absolutely right. The only thing I think he could have done better would have been being a touch more decisive and not changing his mind on the back markers, but otherwise I think he made absolutely the right call and I'm glad he did change his mind. End of the day, there aren't any absolutely clear cut rules for that situation and the race controller needed to make a decision in seconds. The decision he made was the better one for the sport - it ended in a race, rather than a parade.

I look at it like this: 

1. As a complete neutral, that was an ending that befit the most exciting season of F1 that I can remember. If that adrenaline pack of a season had finished behind a safety car, that's where I think the sport would have suffered. 

2. If Mercedes had decided to pit Lewis with the SC and Max had stayed out and got track position - Mercedes would be ecstatic with Masi's call. One of them had to lose, one of them was always going to be upset. I think this taking it to the lawyers business is bullshit, sporting events have no business in a court room. 

3. In my opinion, Hamilton had an unfair advantage from Lap 1. Max stayed in the white lines, he didn't make contact, for me that was proper balls-out racing and what everyone wants to see. How the stewards thought Lewis gave that advantage back is fkn beyond me, he went from a situation where he should have conceded the corner to being nearly 2 seconds out in front by skipping T2. 

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Nah not a Max fan, not really a Lewis fan either, but my boy Danny wasn't going take a WDC this year so I wanted to see Lulu take an 8th.

I agree he made the right call to remove those cars and let them race, finishing under race conditions is always preferred, but the biggest issue is that call came AFTER a prior call that they would NOT be removed. 

I know Merc missed pit entry simply due to timing of the SC, but had they said straight up lapped cars would drive through, as been the case this season pretty much every time, Mercedes could've pitted on the next lap, lost track position yes, but been behind max on brand new super softs also for a proper lap of balls out racing.

BUT, that is hinged on whether Lewis gets to retain P2 or does he end up at the back of the train and has actually given away a bunch of spots? I know there's no overtaking under safety, but do you still lose positions if you pit? 

Otherwise they would be assuming that yes Max has new tyres and those cars in between will be blue flagged but he still has to clear 4 of them who are fall fighting for positions themselves, that will slow him down and he only has 1 lap. Then last second, lapped cars between Max and Lewis please go, SC in this lap, go racing boys! 

Anyway, that flip flop pissed me off, hard to choose a strategy if things are changing that fast at one mans discretion. 

Re the Lap 1 incident I am on the fence, When they said he had given back the advantage, I took that to mean Lewis was about 1.5s ahead before max just decided to bomb the braking zone and force Lewis wide, yes he made up that time under brakes, but only did so by forcing another driver off. 

Lewis lifted and the gap came back to 1.5s, then he got back on the sauce and gapped him flat out. 

Also, "It's called motor racing, we went car racing" is perhaps once of the dumbest things i have head in ages. All of Australia should be ashamed it was uttered by one of our own. 

If I was Toto, I would also be in stunned disbelief. 

And yes, best season we've had in YONKS. Can't wait for March :D


Edited by ActionDan
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It was a great season, but Lewis absolutely deserved the win. It shows how silly the rules are - Why not line the cars up on the grid and let them launch with the time intervals they had from one another once it is safe to do so, preserving the gaps, and positions they had on track once the track is again safe?

There's no reason a safety car has to actually influence the race result at all

Lewis missed Lap 1 because obvious Max stupid Divebomb is obvious. They let that one go because they could see between the lines in the spirit of the race. They should have let it end properly under the safety car because lets be honest, even after the 'should be illegal' blocking of Perez on HAM, he still opened up the gap again and absolutely would/should have taken then W there.

There's no way that they weren't artificially influencing the result, and it was influenced many times in favour of Max, which is where the Robbed comments come from, and as mentioned before, the concept of racing safety influencing the result of said race is just a stupid concept.

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On 15/12/2021 at 8:12 AM, ActionDan said:

Picked up the dah I intend to try and hack up. 

Still has an airbag, do I need to remove this or can I just disable it? 





If it's the entire system, I would remove it, there's a lot of weight in it. If the activation system has been removed and it's just an empty airbag under the dash then just leave it.

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