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Die$eLs R33 GTSt build

Posting this here now that I found the correct section. 

I'm Nishan from South Africa. I know this is an Australian forum but it seems you guys are in the know on the Skylines and it's extremely difficult to find anyone here in SA that knows them well.

I've just got myself a 95 R33 GTSt. I've always wanted the GTR but after getting the GTS I'm satisfied. 

Just the sound of the RB25 puts a smile on my face. 

Current mods include: Milltek exhaust, button clutch, manual boost controller, coilovers and 18" Lenso wheels


I have a LOOONG list of to-do items. All in good time though. 

- the clutch is weird. It sometimes does not come back all the way up. We stripped the master cylinder and tried to get new seals but could not so we reassembled it. Clutch does seem better now but not perfect. I've been promised a brand new clutch master and slave from a guy who is breaking his car. Waiting for him to find the parts as he is moving house.

- small coolant leak from water pump - bought a new one but it's in cape town (over 1000kms away). Just need to get it shipped up to me.

- machine polish the body as it has lost some of its lustre - Did a hand polish and there is a Huge difference. Will get it clayed and detailed once the pressing issues are sorted.

- oil service - Done!

- check and clean spark plugs - Done

- check and clean brake system - Checked but did not clean yet.

- replace rear tyres - Done

- engine bay cleanup and tidy - Partly done. Still lots more to do

- strip and clean entire air intake system including ISCV, MAF etc.- Started. I've cleaned part of the intake system and the MAF. I've never seen a MAF that dirty. Previously the fumes off the car made your eyes burn and there was a strong fuel smell. This is now sorted after I cleaned the MAF. It does however idle a little high. I assume its just the ecu that needs to re-learn. I also found a tiny fuel leak on the pipe just below the fuel filter. Tightened the clamp and that is resolved.

- restore the headlights - They were polished along with the car and are Much better. Still need to do another polish on them though.

The speedometer was not working. I found a plastic wire connector from the speed sender on the gearbox that broke and was undone. Zip tied it together and now it works but not perfect. The speedo gets stuck around 60kph and then when you are around 120kph it jumps and catches up. Sometimes it just dies and then comes back to life when it feels the need to do so.

I also fiddled with the manual boost controller and got it boosting at 0.75bar (11psi). I believe this is still safe on the stock turbo. It however sometimes starts boosting more than that and I need to readjust it. 

- remove the super dark window tint and replace with a light grey/black - I started on this. All the side windows are now clean but the rear windscreen has the tint baked on because of the sun and it proving really difficult to remove.

- coolant flush and replace (will do when i'm repairing the leak) 

- replace diff oil

- replace gearbox oil

- replace fuel filter

- chassis clean

- grease axle, U-Joints etc.

- polish intake manifold

- replace cam belt and all the bits that go with it.

- there is some weird noise at times. Its difficult to explain.I thought it was the power steering but now I'm thinking it could be the releaser bearing (throw out bearing). It only does this when the car is cold.

- the dash surrounds around the radio etc have been plastidipped and bits are worn. I will be pulling it off, cleaning it up and recoating it.



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3 hours ago, Die$eL said:

I know this is an Australian forum

No way! Most members are from Australia, but we have members from all over the world. You're as welcome as any (providing we don't talk rugby!)

Car looks super clean! 

You've got a nice list there, a lot of those things are known issues that you'll be able to find people on here who have dealt with (like the clutch).


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Welcome to the forum. Sounds like you're ahead of most people anyway...(certainly ahead of me!)
Good to have you. :)

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Thanks for the kind words. 

I've owned quite a few cars and I must admit the Skyline is probably the most fun of all. Just the sound of it idling is something special.

I still have my MR2 spyder which has been turbo'd. I've come to realise that if a car was not turbo from factory it isn't a good idea to add one. It's still a blerry awesome car and I love it but it scares the cr@p out of me and I just dont trust it the way I trust the Skyline. 

Anyways I will be selling the MR2 soon. Cant afford two toys. 

I also have a GT86. That's my wife's daily so I don't fiddle on it. 


Oh, update on the removal of the window tint. I got all of it off. Had to remove the rear seats and parcel shelf to get all the tint off the rear window. The film peeled off but the colour and glue stayed on the window. I used a spray bottle filled with thinners to melt the glue and then simply wiped it all off. Worked really well!

Will have new tint fitted on Saturday. I wanted to go with a light grey but now i'm leaning towards a light black instead. 

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Update time.

4 months of ownership and I can say I'm still loving the Skyline! It's so awesome!!

I'm currently using it as my daily coz my wife's car has been going back and forth to Toyota. The gear lever vibrates in 6th gear and they simply cannot figure out why. They have been trying for months.

Anyways, I've sorted the clutch issue on the Skyline. We replaced the clutch master and its now perfect. Also replaced the gearbox oil. There used to be a slight grate going into 4th when doing some spirited driving but thats now sorted.

Replaced the cambelt, tensioner etc. 

Sorted the coolant leak. It was from the waterpump. Replaced the pump.

I ordered shims to lock the diff a bit better and have been waiting for delivery for around a month. No end in sight yet. 

I found my set of Pioneer 8" limpids and built a back board and fitted those. Those speakers are around 26 years old. They still work well. Need to change the radio though. The car came with a crappy Telefunken. 

The car seems a little down on power. It feels like its pulling timing. When I put foot it quickly spools to 0.8bar and for that 1 second it feels like it wants to go, then it holds back. It's much worse on a hot day. I thought heat soak but i had been driving slow all along. Once the car warmed I put it down and this happened. It continued like that all day. 

I havent got to properly test after that but it does seem better but not as good as it was before. 

I cleaned the spark plugs but that did not make a difference.

My next step will be to drop the boost to 0.5bar and see if that makes a difference. The reason i want to try this is that when on partial throttle and the boost is low it does not feel like its trying to hold back/pull timing.


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still need to get covers for the speakers. Those got damaged and lost over the last 26 years

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Due an update now:

My turbo started whining so I had it redone. Machined the housings a little, bigger wheels. Basically a hybrid turbo. 

Spools freaking awesome and the power difference is great.

Had the car on a dyno and it made 283hp at the wheels at 0.75bar boost (about 10.8psi).

Mods are:

- Hybrid turbo 

- miltek exhaust

- cone filter (still need to add a heat shield)

- bigger radiator

I'm pretty happy with the figure considering the car just has BPUs.

I've bought a front mount intercooler (600mm x 300mm x 75mm). Still need to sort the piping and fit it. A buddy will help me with it in the new year.

Also bought a local aftermarket management system which I will fit after the FMIC. 

Oh, I also got myself a Z32 MAF which I need to fit as well. 

Still thoroughly enjoying the car!!

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Nice update. Great that you're still enjoying it. Any fresh pics?

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Attached is the dyno run and a pic at the dyno.

Also a pic of the new intercooler. 

I forgot to mention, I managed to replace the rice steering wheel with an OEM one. It wasn't in the best condition when I got it. Managed to refurb it.

Waiting for my brother to bring my new slip ring. Bought it off a guy in the UK. My bro lives there and it bringing it to SA for me. Cant wait to have a functioning horn. Drivers here are real @$$Es





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7 minutes ago, Die$eL said:

Cant wait to have a functioning horn. Drivers here are real @$$Es

You need one of those stickers that says "Horn broken, look for finger"


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25 minutes ago, GeeDog said:

You need one of those stickers that says "Horn broken, look for finger"



I usually just rev

It's loud enuf 🤪

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