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Well my build has begun...GTR life emoji848.png
Bought a brand new coolant bottle, bonnet cowl and rubber, new clips for the front grill. 
Also got a new GTR badge for the boot, original GTR key and a nice little Nismo key ring emoji16.png
Will start fitting things this weekend, also going to wire in my sub and amp and tune the stereo. I've also changed the steering wheel to my mono 'race' wheel. 
When I got time I'll post my list of things I have decided to do. 
Love this car, love driving it, love playing with it, emoji7.png

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Well spent all day on the GTR today, got the stereo finished, Bluetooth deck with full phone integration, sound stream 12'sub and amp, also has digital radio which is nice. Cleaned up a few little things whilst installing and put in a few interior screws where they were missing.
On a downer it appears to have broken an engine mount and as a result the bonnet won't shut [emoji848]
So off to mechanic to get it checked out.
Also what I thought was a noisy thrust bearing may be input shaft bearing on the box. Called award about a rebuild, thinking of doing full rebuild with billet flex/sandwich plate to strengthen the box.
Has anyone on here had the billet plate installed and how has it held up? I want to also throw in a twin plate Nismo clutch but have to see how the budget is, still a lot I want to do [emoji849]

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Good stuff.....and then bad stuff huh? I am faced with the same decisions about gearbox rebuild / replacement and clutch.

Do you have any pics of the amp and sub installation location?

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I'll post a pic tomorrow, it's in the boot, drivers side with the amp mounted to the box, wires run under the carpet on the drivers side, I did the engine bay to interior by following a wire that was fitted by Croydon when they ran a direct line from battery to fuel pump. Goes through the guard to the drivers footwell. Had to remove the wheel and splash guard on the drivers side, gave it a good clean while I was there

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Rob Award gearbox and diff quoted me $2300 for a full rebuild and billet sandwich plate. The sandwich plate is the weak link in the 5 speed GTR boxes. They said it's rare for a box to come back once it's been fitted with the billet plate. I'm not running huge power so figure, do it once, do it right. The box in the car has been going to 12 years and there is noting wrong apart for the input shaft bearing. It still shifts perfect, no crunches. But according to the last rebuild receipt it was upgraded to R33 spec so should have stronger syncros.
Where I'm stuck is I need to do the box before it lets go and does more damage but I want to do the clutch as well and all up that's about 6k. Don't have that much to throw at it right now, so might just throw a second hand box in it then have my box rebuilt, buy the clutch then swap it over.

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Well took the car to mechanic this week, service and hooked up heater hoses, was great having a heater, until I realised it now only heated!
After speaking with a mate he was able to point me in the right direction and a quick search on the forum found my problem. Air temp sensor wasn't plugged in, in fact it wasn't there!
Went through my parts, found three of them, one connected to this mint smooth finish surround so I decided to fit the entire surround.
Very happy with the result and i can how have heat or cooling [emoji16]
If anyone has a smooth black ash tray they are willing to sell pm me please. Must be in mint condition. The one I have is good, not great so I'll replace it.
The other day I took to car to Hume mufflers, cut the centre muffler out [emoji848]well it's loud now [emoji15]
Got quoted for a full custom stainless 4' system. So that's now on my list of things to do.
Also been offered a full single turbo set up, contemplating getting it? What turbo is it GC?

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  • Latest Posts

    • Been slack lately. Have done a lot but achieved nothing if that makes sense?  I'm playing around with a few ideas which are time and brain cell destroying... What I have done first- Make an alloy pointer for pin point timing. Will most likely powdercoat it then put a white/silver tip. Powdercoated a few more bits and pieces for installation.  Temp fit the exhaust manifold and turbo so I can make the PRP turbo oil drain fit out of the car. Needed to order some new fittings for the block so waiting on those. Had to get the intake plenum flange machined as it was warped from when it was welded up in production.  Snapped the dipstick tube off in the block. Don't want to talk about it.... Sump off AGAIN and dipstick tube ordered..... Started rewiring the engine from the engine end also AGAIN, allowing for some additional inputs plus that leads onto the next part I'm still pondering.... So I want to somewhat "wire tuck" the engine bay and there really isn't a nice place to put bulkhead fittings on the drivers side to stop any wires running across the back of the firewall. So......  What I'm thinking is having 2 bulkhead fittings remote mounted under the brake booster and pretty much out of sight that also enable easy removal of the engine (cause GT-R....).  I haven't entirely convinced myself it's the right option yet but strongly leaning that way.  Feel free to offer your thoughts or rain down the hate! 😅 Made a few templates and trial runs to get it to where I think it would work if I do it-   I've pretty much resigned to the fact that I'm painting the engine bay too.... 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️  
    • That is correct Dasmbo, the machine shop that examined it said few journals would have to be welded and built up, then machined back. The damage had the machinist questioning the integrity of a few of the cam cap retaining bolt locations... Basically said if it was a Ferrari, sure, the money and time would be worth it. Not for an RB26 head.
    • Resolution to the question. While still waiting for those closer photos of the journals/caps, I got into contact with the guy from the repair shop, and he outlined pretty much what Brett/R32-25t said, though in a very diplomatic manner 😅 Head is not worth the money seller wants, maybe only worth as a very cheap experiment to someone with the means and the time to try something crazy on. A bit more to the story, but another case of making sure people should do their homework before buying anything second hand, and again making me very grateful this site exists.  
    • Im sure the head can be repaired but it not just a simple close and hone of the journals and caps the head will have to be stripped alloy journal areas will have to be welded and built up then if all goes well will have to be machined new caps cams guides possible valves lifter buckets it wont be a cheap job i hope for your sake you have very deep pockets. I would be looking for another head i think it would be much cheaper try Lewis engines see what they might have or can do for you they did my head and it wasnt damaged like the one your looking at and my head cost me over $5000.00 seven years ago 
    • HFM ae going to get a price for me on some 18x10 +10 forged rims, I' impressed they are even willing to entertain the idea.   
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