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On 18/11/2021 at 7:56 PM, Old man 32 GTR said:

Just as an update, rear subframe has been stripped, gk-tech brace kit welded in, and have a heap of parts getting coated, I’ve decided to go with cerakote for all the parts under the car , all the arms, subframes, diff and sump. 
curious on peoples thoughts on this, from what I was shown, appears to be very durable. 
still need to strip out the front subframe, but it likes to rain every Sunday! 
Got the transfer case done as well, that’s getting rebuilt with new clutch packs. 

I wouldn't care how durable Ceracote is, it looks amazing so it's worth it just for that!  I presume it's pretty much as hardy as powdercoat as it's used on guns, turbos, etc.  Look forward to seeing the pics of what you get coated.  Interested in a cost comparison to powdercoating too.  For me, now that I have the powdercoat gun, oven, etc the powdercoating expense is just the cost of the powders which cost bugger all so it would have to offer some big benefits to sway me!  A real show piece part I would get done however (bugger the cost!).


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On 30/11/21 at 3:18 PM, Shoota_77 said:

Damn they're tasty!!  I love the satin kind of finish it comes up as.


Yes, very happy with how it’s turned out, took two goes, first place I took the sump and diff housing to, paid $600 and looked like they just hit it with a rattle can with no prep, started to peel before the sump was put on the motor, really was not happy, complained but got nowhere, Don’t know how some businesses stay in business. 

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  • 3 weeks later...

With all that’s gone on with the car I don’t think I’ve posted what my goals/expectations are with the car. 
Im trying to build something that will be a versatile street car, something I can drive for 4-5 hours and not hate, but also do a little roll/drag racing and have some fun in. Not trying to break any records, just want it nice to drive, clean and decent power. 
For this reason I have decided to stick with the 68mm turbo, using the new 68/75 by precision. I did strongly consider the Garrett G35 1050 and 64/66 but was talked out of it by the workshop. 
power goals? That always comes down to turbo so that should be obvious. I’d be happy with 400-450kw for the street and 600-650kw for drag/roll racing. Also car will be flex tuned and I’m hoping for around the 400kw mark on 98. I feel the turbo is versatile enough to hit these marks. Some will probably argue that this could have been achieved with the 64/66 and given a more responsive set up, but the 68/75 will do it easier and may give more on that higher number. 
Suspension, I’m sticking with my MCA purples which I’ve just had rebuilt so they are fresh and ready to go in. They provided a compliant ride and good handling. I’ll be using the Hardrace catalog of arms and GK tech hicas elimination kit. I’ve gone with white line sway bars and bushes throughout with Nismo diff and gearbox mounts. 
brakes??? I’m still undecided on this, currently I have my R33 brembos which have just been rebuilt and re coated, with project Mu pads and rotors, they did work very well but the temptation to go the r35 brake set up is strong… 

Gearbox… think I’ve commented on every gearbox thread and sent a few pm’s. Options are R34 getrag box, Holinger or OS88. As the car will be more street you could say the getrag is the best choice here, but I’ve had a sequential in the car before (it was fkn awesome) SO… getrag will lean the car to street and make a much nicer street car, sequential will be more ‘race’ but you can live with them and I felt they really compliment the personality of the car, so at this stage, I’m leaning towards the Holinger. 
Driveline, everything standard, building a 31 spline rear diff with new quaife centre and new ring and pinion gear, quaife front centre with both front and rear gears being shot peened by neat,  new hubs, centre bearing and nuts/bolts and boots all round. 
Shop was telling me to go new rear shafts, some company do a Porsche driveshaft modified to fit the skyline, but they are 4K a pair, just don’t know if it’s worth it?? Be curious on peoples thoughts. 
Wheels, well I do love the R34 wheels but might look into a set of Rays as the car gets closer to completion, not sure what yet. 
Interior, car will be going for a full retrim, goal is factory colours but better material, leather for dash and door cards, maybe a little alcantara. 
So there will be no cage, no chute and no straight cut gears! Lol 

Hopefully just a good all round street car. Happy to hear any criticism or suggestions if you feel I’m going wrong in any area, or something I should be doing different? 

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On 28/12/21 at 2:47 PM, r32-25t said:

Looking forward to seeing your car finished, 5 months till gtr fest so you have plenty of time to have it finished before then lol

😂😂😂 I think, even if I had the money required to finish it right now, I couldn’t get it done before then. Going to be a slow build. Will try to aim for GTR festival 2023. I think that is achievable. 

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  • 2 weeks later...

The only thing better than new parts and that’s old parts made look new again!

Really interested to see the long term durability of the ceracote.

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On 10/1/22 at 8:44 PM, Shoota_77 said:

The only thing better than new parts and that’s old parts made look new again!

Really interested to see the long term durability of the ceracote.

Well I really hope it lasts, not planing on stripping the car completely anytime in the near future 😂😂 or ever after this. Time will tell I guess 

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