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Robs Sil80-more skyline than S chassis

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  • 3 weeks later...

So not much more big progress on the sil80. Removed the radiator and got it chemically cleaned as I had left water only in the system for over a year, cleaned up the thermostat housing and inspected the thermostat which I'll replace as a precaution. Got some stainless steel bolts and washers to mount the new heatshield I made. Struggling to find a quality 14inch thermofan that will fit as I don't think a 12inch will be upto it(I have a 14 inch pusher on the condenser). Got the lines and new reservoir to finish the power steering off.



That's about where I got to before I found out the car club I am part of looks like to be running a super sprint for the supertaxi event here so have directed attention to getting the race car ready for it. It's still in Brisbane but have organised new front lca with ball joints and a replacement tierod end for the broken one. Going to remove the vented bonnet and go back to factory steel as it is a lot better condition and looks neater so have prepared it for paint over the weekend. 



And to top it off I've been asked to navigate for Targa great barrier reef again this time in a pretty tough VH SS as covid border closure won't allow the regular navigator into Qld. 


Give the cars page a like on facenovel https://m.facebook.com/car689/

Pretty busy few weeks ahead and still got to retrieve the race car from Brisbane too ? 

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Nice heat shield, has a Barra feel to it haha

You'll need to delete the condenser to chill a RB S13 properly. Even back in my fully sick kebab spec slam on tits RB20 180SX the 180kW Maccas Carpark stance box would overheat around the twisties with 3x 12" thermofans (1x push, 2x pull). In the end, ripped out the condenser, ran 2x in push and no more over heating.

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13 hours ago, Dose Pipe Sutututu said:

Nice heat shield, has a Barra feel to it haha

You'll need to delete the condenser to chill a RB S13 properly. Even back in my fully sick kebab spec slam on tits RB20 180SX the 180kW Maccas Carpark stance box would overheat around the twisties with 3x 12" thermofans (1x push, 2x pull). In the end, ripped out the condenser, ran 2x in push and no more over heating.

Yes want a bit more of a factory look once its all finished.
Yeah I removed the condensor back in 2008 when I had heating dramas when I first moved to Townsville but I am determined to have AC in this car as I really want to be able to drive it anywhere all year round. I use to run a 14 inch push & offset 12 inch pull and never went over 90C on track so hoping using something good quality (spal, motordyne) and the ducting/shroud will move enough air to keep it. Have priced up a custom radiator thats a bit thinner, cross flow & will allow a 14 & 12 inch pull setup but trying to avoid that ATM

2 hours ago, ActionDan said:

Getting it done, nice work. 

Thanks mate, Hows your new engine coming along?

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He's working on the head. I just sent an intake gasket up so he could finish porting etc 

I got a pic of some cleaned rockers the other day, apparently 3 goes at getting them clean lol

Prado is getting a new head unit and I just paid for my shed kit so I'll see that in 10-12wks and then I can get a start on building it and getting a hoist finally. 


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Spent the afternoon painting the bonnet, got the under coat sanded nicely and gave it a few coats of colour in case I need to give it a buff. 




Box of goodies arrived from gktech to fix the front end, the dash came back from PowerTune digital with an upgrade to the latest board and software need to fab a new bracket too and also have picked up a sponsor for the supertaxi event and the whole sides of the car will be getting wrapped/stickered up so will be a proper race car ? 



I'm off to Brisbane Tuesday and hopefully back home very late Thursday night (3200km round trip ?) so can get it all sorted end of next weekend. 

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32 minutes ago, ActionDan said:

Dash looks good, is that universal? I cannot remember what your ECU setup is. 

yes, can be used on CAN, OBD2, Consult too. Can add a gps unit for extra. Running a Link G4+ plugin at the moment.

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On 8/10/2020 at 8:19 AM, Ben C34 said:

I like the lamda typo on the dash.....


Curious how long do they take to boot up?

Start up is a lot better with this version, will test it tomorrow and let you know 

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  • 2 weeks later...
On 8/10/2020 at 8:19 AM, Ben C34 said:

I like the lamda typo on the dash.....


Curious how long do they take to boot up?

Apologies for not testing start up time got super busy. 



After a 62hr round trip to Brisbane/Willowbank to grab the car have been busy fixing and tidying up the race. Get it off the ground, wheels off and Gurney everywhere to remove half of QR and barnfind dust. Got stuck in to replacing the busted tie rod end and as a precaution replaced both sides. This is how I managed to get it on the trailer after last archy session in March. 


Did a bolt check and checked fluids as they had done maybe 20mins of driving and were good. Did replace the brake fluid with some penrite 600f to hopefully keep a good brake pedal feel. 

Next was fixing up some of the paint and body damage from all the drifting. Ended up repairing the guards and skirts with a few patches but didn't get any pics. I started straightening the drivers door and got a bit carried away 


This was halfway through the repair. Also sanded the roof and a pillars as was never happy with the finish the first time. A few good layers of undercoat had everything looking heaps better so setup the spray booth and got on with laying colour. 



So with the car all assembled refitted up the te37s with fresh advan a050 in 255 all round 


Had a media thing with some local and supercars drivers


Today had the sponsor stickers put on and now pretty much ready bar topping up fuel and going to the track. 



Should be a good weekend and great to finally drive the full Reid Park circuit hopefully get some coverage on fox's port. 

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4 hours ago, PranK said:

Damn! It looks fantastic! 


2 hours ago, Dose Pipe Sutututu said:

Wow not bad for a gazebo spray job, not bad at all!

Yeah it's good enough for race car , I'm actually surprised but have learnt alot each time I do it. Those pads are going to cop it 5x 20min sessions with 2 big application a lap. 

1 hour ago, GTofuS-T said:

I love those little Aussie cars

I can't wait to see how much the time difference will be between them and my car. One of the drivers has had hers for 4 years and raced alot. 

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1 hour ago, ActionDan said:

Car looks great, well done mate. Top effort. 

Thanks Dan, definitely have a go yourself when it's time to paint yours. 


A stop off this morning for one of the sponsors and got in the local paper too. Should put on the SAU stickers..... 



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