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R33 GTST Sedan - Hospital Runner

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I'm new to this whole Skyline thing but I've had a few Nissan's in my time, 

Car History
- Holden VX Calais
- Nissan Silvia S15  - Spent too much time and money on it
- Toyota Cressida 
- Nissan SIlvia S13 - Bought to play with but ended up selling
- Toyota Surf
- BMW E39 M5
- Nissan Silvia S13
- Toyota Landcruiser VDJ76
- Honda Civic ED - Sedan (for sale btw)
- Nissan Skyline R33 Sedan

So long story short I wasted alot of money on cars and now I'm broke, so I decided to start paying off my debt but I got bored of my Civic... So I decided to buy an R33 Sedan. 

Not much to say
- Rattle Canned Black (or poorly painted)
- Funky wiring from 23 years of funky fingers touching it
- Sway Bars
- Automatic
- Exhaust

So pretty much making this to ask for some tips/where to buy stuff and so on.

Things to do:
- I need to replace the drivers side doors because the previous owner cut off a moped (have replacements)
- Figure out why it's almost stalling (might be due to the auto trans being overfilled)
- Locate S2 Front end and Side Skirts
- Paint

Here's the bucket



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Looks great! Welcome to :sau: !

Thats a great car list, reminds me of mine; slow cars, diesel cars/4wd's, fast cars, expensive cars, money sinks, etc etc.

I can't help with your requests though, sorry. :( 

(Stalling due to BOV maybe?) 

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Yeah I was thinking that PranK. 

I told the other-half that it would be cheaper to convert it to manual and get a haltech than plumbing it back :2_grimacing: But she didn't buy it. 

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I have converted an R33 coupe from a Series 1 to a Series 2 by replacing the bonnet, lights, grill and front bar. It was a simple swap over of parts.

To convert a Series 1 sedan to a Series 2 sedan is more involved because the Series 2 sedan uses headlights that are different to every other R33. The Series 2 sedan has a different radiator support panel, H4 instead of H1 headlights with different wiring and side lights between the headlight and the parking light that turn on when you use the indicators when your headlights are on.

Welcome to the world of Camry shaped Skylines.

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Ah really? I guess it looks like it'll be a little more work than I intended. I've had a search but can't find any threads on people doing this / what to modify. 

A bit of an update:

Have found and waiting on quotes for:
S2 Sedan Front Bar
S2 Sedan Headlights

Have found some OEM Sedan Side Skirts which are on their way from Russia (of all places?)

Looking for S2 Bonnet. 

Found someone who does Impul wings though might have to wait a little bit before ordering.. I got in trouble for spending $400 on OEM Skirts.. 3 days after buying the car... 

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Hey mate, just some info for your front end swap.

I have a series 2 sedan, and installed series 2 coupe headlights, and they needed a bit of work. As above, the wiring was different, (but not hard to work out) and I had to trim the radiator support for clearance  for the back of the lights.

But they transform the car, so well worth the hassel




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That is my point - if you go for Series II coupe headlights like the picture above they are a plug and play for a Series I.

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Ahhhhh cool, makes my life easier. 

So could get Coupe Bonnet, bar and lights and it'll bolt straight up?

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~ So have finally done some things ~

So it's been a while but I got a few things done:
Replaced Rear Door (yet to do front door, it's too damn hot)
Plastic M Spec Skirts
S2 Bumper
Replaced windshield

More things here and there but not worth mentioning

Still need:
S2 Bumper
S2 Lights
S2 Sedan Fog Lights
S2 Grille 

Will need to probably get wheels done soon because I'm sick of it looking like a pile of shit (probably 33 GTR wheels)


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Thought I'd pop an update up (to see if people can help find some parts)

Not much has happened, was able to get a Bonnet, Lights and Fog Lights

Still need to find:
Sedan Vent (under fog lights) or the strip? Idk if it's cut off the vent
S2 Grill
S2 Rear Centre Garnish

My PS Pump shat itself and I'm paying off some Christmas debt but hopefully I can get it all one colour soon. But firstly need to get the PS Sorted

Here's a photo, looks better in this photo but the back sits so much higher than the front.


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The last bits have actually proved harder than anticipated to acquire... 

Sedan Grille (2 slat?) from Malasya $180
S2 Sedan vents - $120 from someone on the R33 owners FB page
S2 rear garnish - Proving to be the hardest to track down

Edited by Callum14

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Ok sooooo, 

Finally got the Grille
Finally got the vents (more on that)
Scored a set of S2 Lights/garnish on yahoo fir $70

Need to know what intercooler kits people are using to prevent cutting the fog light vent. 
Mine fowls on the back of the vent, and I could cut the passo side and hide the intercooler piping, but drivers side goes out too far and would require quite a bit of cutting. 


Also, onto paint soon woo hoo!

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So a bit of progress (wow 6 posts in a row soz). 

- Found some cheap BC coils
- Fitted my Tail Lights
- Fitted my Drivers door

Stripping it for paint in 2 weeks (need to strip trim/lights/handles before sending for paint)

Hunting some Bronze TE's (found a few pairs but in the middle of a job change so waiting for that to be done). 

Getting close. 

Waiting until I move in July to do the Manual/Diff swap


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Continued Spam.. 

Pickup my new (old) TE37s tomorrow!

17 x 9.5 +12 / 18 x 9.5 + 12



Been repainted but I'm not too fussed. An old friend of mine had them on his 33 coupe and they looked good (Y)

Had to push paint back a bit while I save some more money. if I can get the Auto fixed cheaply I'll do that then paint, if not I'll do a manual swap before paint, will figure it out... 



Also been bitten by the power bug, trying to not spend too much money on the engine this year... Need to save for a ring... 


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Someone reply so it doesn't look like i'm spaming this thread lol. 


Anyway, got the wheels, with minimal guard rolling they fit. 

I think i'm going to eventually get a pair of 18x9.5+22 for the rear to pull some of the camber out, and put the +12s on front, but it looks ok for now. Besides it's only running 7psi through a slush box so i don't really need traction lol.. 


Anyway here it is, finally looking less like a piece of shit. 


Need to do a few things:  Tuck exhaust, Replace plastic under-tray

But at the end of the day it's no GT-R, 



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Wheels make it look much better. Need to paint the bonnet!

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Car is look good. . the 'shit' is making progress. . jks

Much better than when ya started on it.

Nice to see it getting improved slowly. Hope your enjoying the work your doing to it =D


They are big money sinks. . Someone smart on this forum said if your buying a gtr you need the money for a second to just keep it going. . . I think its the mods, repairs, bringing a 20+yr old car back to its former race spec days costs. .

When the paint is done and those lights go on, will look 100 times better. .

OR i could picture this ride in candy apple paint with 22inch chromies YEAH BOI

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Yeah.. It's not the first time I've subjected myself to the Nissan Debt... 

But I can never wipe the smile off my face. 


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In an effort to be responsible (and because I'm moving in 2 months) I've decided to raise it and chuck the Enkei's back on. 

Also wasn't happy with the 17s so I've decided to sell them for now. Eventually going to purchase another pair of 18x9.5+15/22 for the rear and I'll put the 18x9.5+12s on the front. 

But first need adjustable arms so I can kind of work out how much guard rolling has to be done before paint. Probably going to get some 2pak KH4 in a can and do the bonnet and front bar for now so I can prolong painting it... 

Need a daily... 

Anyway, last photo of it on TEs for a while. 


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