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I thought i'd make a build thread on here about the car I've been building since selling the stagea. Most of this has been copied and pasted from another site.


With some help from Jack and Tim, we were able to save this 142 from the crusher. 
It's a 1974 142 Delux, with a b20b and m40 with strombergs. Looks to be an ex rally car that entered the dutton rally in 1995.


The engine is solid with 125psi across the 4. Starts straight up and drives great. The car looks to be run into a ditch and then parked up for the 20+ yrs.

All calipers were seized, so I'm doing a vented 240 front conversion, new master cyl and new lines etc.

Currently putting in some new insulation and carpets inside, you can see the interior is pretty far gone, but I'm sure we will figure something out, if anyone has a new dash pad or a dash mat please let me know. Or even putting in a different dash, Let me know.

Not 100% sure on where i want the build to go, I'm sure this will be more evident as time goes on. It will be low, wide, and some sort of a restomod.

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Been doing things here and there on the car. new carpet, seat covers, new rear side window rubbers, just an all round cleanup... There's a lot to do haha. I've been inspecting most parts on the car and they all seem to be alright, even pulling the tank out showed no rust and looked brand new inside. 

Thanks to vince i got a lovell rear swaybar, koni adjustable front and rear shocks, 8kg front springs and a few other things.

Brakes are almost done. Fabbed up the 240 4 pots to fit on the front. Ordering 6 lines and a master cyl rebuild kit from cvi this weekend. Front rotors are now vented 263x22, and picking up some 850 rear calipers to finish off the brakes.

I've been putting off tackling the dash and wiring, but looks like were at that point already.

Made my own wheels from some 17x7 cougars.


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I decided against the flares after I posted the other photo. But then off a whim I fitted them again, and I love it. 

Started fixing the dash. Filled the large gaps with expanding foam and put pc clear epoxy over the top, pc clear is a shatter proof and moveable epoxy. Have some nylon flock on it’s way from the US. Couldn’t find nylon flock anywhere in aus. 


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So I took some time off from the car as it was becoming a bit of a chore. But I’m now stuck back into it. 

The brakes are done, all new lines, rebuilt master, etc. just need to be bled. 
The interior is coming along. Flocked the dash, it didn’t turn out that great because I used a fast acting glue and when I went to re apply it pulled a lot of old flock off and made it fuzzy. I’ll re do it one day after nationals. 

Just getting into cutting the rear guards and putting the flares on for good. 

The flasher relay has had water damage or a capacitor has leaked so I need to put a new one in. 

The car now runs off its own petrol tank and new pump. 

Heaps of little things have been done. 

Koni adjustable front and rear etc


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Hard parking is serious business. 


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Spent the last 2 days on it.


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So a bit of a small rundown on the 142.

Looked to have sat for possibly 23 years until we came across it about 8 months ago, and took it home 4 months later. It had a substantial hit to the passenger side wheel which had bent the lower control arm into a taco, among  the other damage sustained, possibly during the Dutton rally of 1995.

We had the engine running off a jerry can and car moving and driving a week after getting it home, we knew we were onto a winner. The whole fuel system has been removed, cleaned and new lines ran to make sure it was safe and i wouldnt have any problems later down the track. The compression was exactly the same on all 4, i forget what it was, 100psi? who knows. We wired in a new alternator and ran a few vac lines and coolant lines etc. Just making sure the engine was tight and wouldnt cause any troubles later on.

From here it was a matter of getting new parts and making my own.

The brakes now consist of all brand new lines from cvi performance, home made vented 240 rotors with 4 piston calipers and 850 rear calipers. Rebuilt the master cylinder and took everything apart to be cleaned and re ran. The brakes now work like a charm

The wheels are home made and were originally cougar 17x8 which sat a little to far in for my liking, so the centers were cut out and flipped and re welded better than original, only needing 10g weights to be balanced.

The flares were from my mate steve who didnt want to cut his perfect 260z guards. I didnt have a problem getting the angle grinder out and giving it a crack on the 142 though.

The interior is my favorite part of the car. The interior was trashed and almost beyond repair. I didnt want to buy anything or chase people and or parts so i did the next best thing. Fix anything that wasn't good enough, and by that i mean, just spray everything black and get some mexican seat covers to set the tone of the build. The whole heater system has been removed and anything that wasn't needed, so the dash now only consists of a hazard switch, the rest has been sprayed matt black and a fascia made to clean it up a little. The dash pad has been completely filled and re molded to make it as flat as possible and is now flocked, it really shines in the sun without adding any glare to anything. I got an old 2000's Trix 4 point cage from an old volvo enthusiast. and a bunch of other random stuff has been done.

The suspension needed a bit of work and im not finished with it yet as all that has been done is koni adjustables front and rear, and 8kg king springs up front. Most of the bushes are in OK condition but could really benefit from some poly's. The car drives great with its current setup, its very comfortable without swaying around everywhere. The front and rear shocks have great rebound so the car has give to articulate through the corners, but doesn't just spring back and see you off in the other direction.

There is sooo much more that has been done, its been a huge slog the last few months to get it to where it is today, lots of late nights and long weekends. Some of my neighbors have been watching with a keen eye to see what i was going to do with this car. And today it was on a bit of a show of its own as i was taking it around the block and having chats to a few people about it.

This car is far from perfect, which has been a great thing for me. Coming from the Stagea where everything was immaculate and perfectly done. 
It has been a nice change just being able to cut and make things without the drama of making things 2 to 3 times, i did still get carried away with a few things though.. 

Everything that has been done has been done in my carport. During winter... I shudder just thinking back on it haha

And i guess thats where i am up to with the 142.

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Thanks to everyone who voted for my 142 for best vintage :) was a big shock, Danello has to shove me in the back and say “that’s you!”
Thanks to Tim Jack Steve Dan Paul and others for all their help

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so I’ve been driving the 140 around quite a lot lately and decided to drive it to Goulburn to support a mate on a track day he was attending. The morning of I was looking in the boot at all the rubbish and random stuff and thought ‘I don’t need any of this’. I mean really, who needs supplies and tools when attempting to take a car you found on a swamp farm on a big trip on the freeway while ringing its guts out... 


We made it about 50k’s out of Goulburn before the temp started to climb. 30k’s out and there was dirty coolant all over the windshield. So pulled over and let it cool down and as I started it up there was some serious rattling ‘oh no we’ve cooked it’ I thought. But luckily tim found it was just the alternator had come loose and that was causing the fan to slip at high revs. 
Limped it to a rest stop 10k’s away and found some water bottles in the bin, so we were doing a relay trying to fill the radiator with a tap that barely trickled out water...
Made it to bunnings and picked up some spanners and fixed it in the parking lot. And then finally made it to Wakefield. 


Didn’t skip a beat on the way home which is good. And I did a radiator flush again. The amount of shit that came out was unbelievable, seeing as I did a flush not long ago, I guess some blockages had finally let go. 

All in all it was a pretty fun trip. Got some laughs at Wakefield which is good haha

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So I bought some brand new b21 pistons with rings and main bearings. Looks like I will be rebuilding a b20 after all. 

Also got a seat, bolted up to standard sliding rails. This thing makes the car look tiny. 


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And this is where things took a turn.



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Alright, so I haven't driven the 140 since november last year because the bushes have started to degrade to the point of where it's unsafe, most notably a balljoint almost separated. So i have a full bush kit and balljoints sitting in the parts pile. I have a full spare front end suspension setup which will be sandblasted and powdercoated and all new perishables will be replaced. The rear end will get the same treatment. This will all be done once the 2zz swap is complete.

We were driving to get coffee and Tim and Steve were talking about picking up a car with a 2zz in it and how cool it was, and i said jokingly that we should put it into the 142, and the idea was born. 
We got the car back and took it for a few test runs, I was blown away at how the vvtli pushed you back into your seat, this little engine is a weapon! from 6.2k to 8.2 is just takes off! Then i started imagining this engine in a car that weighs  50kg lighter.  The 2zz and getrag combo (140kg) weigh around 60kg lighter than the b20 with m40 (200kg). There should be roughly 100kg removed from the front once complete (a few other things are getting removed)

The next step was to start making an interior loom and getting rid of everything that isn't needed for the 142. This took about 2 full days of playing with spaghetti, i was pretty delirious just staring at the hundreds of wires, im sure Tim remembers me constantly trying to cut the obd port out.


The loom is complete!


I was looking around for a rwd adapter belhousing to use a supra 5 or 6 speed, but at $800 for the adapter alone i wasn't too interested as there are still many parts that would need to be bought for it to work.
As a man who loved a bargain i started searching around for an alternative, when i came across a 2zz rwd conversion into a fwd celica on some random russian website (what could go wrong following this right?) He used a getrag 250g that bolted up into 2 points, and using some fab work made 3 others. The standard 2zz flywheel and pressure plate are used and the bmw clutch disc sandwiched between the two.

Steve found me a bmw that exactly matched the criteria and i bought it. This bmw was used in the bathurst sprint last year and came 20th? I think.


So the bmw clutch disc was a 228mm disc and would never work, so online i went and bought a 215mm disc and Tim and i cut and clearanced the starter motor and got the clutch aligned and box bolted on with 1 bolt. Turned the motor over and wallah! all gears turn, were onto a winner so far!
The next step is to make up some adapter and strengthening plates to get the box completely bolted on and to test the clutch and whether the throw out bearing can be used or need to be made longer or shorter.


I'm currently modifying the pedal box for the bmw clutch master and the bmw brake master for a boosterless system. As my rebuilt brake master has just started leaking and will be thrown out. 
I'm also getting a plate made up to flip the intake manifold so it can then be facing forward, instead of at the firewall. Most people cut and weld this, but i think an adaptor plate will work better and will help others to make this conversion a little easier.

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34 minutes ago, admS15 said:

Nice Tom but needs some RB loveemoji6.png

There was a small idea of putting on the 164 front end which would give us enough room for the 6 lol

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